Diagnose, causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The spread of Erectile Dysfunction or ED in the current scenario is such, that it cannot be overlooked. For the previous generation, ED was not a big issue, it was mostly related to senior citizens (above 60 years of age). But with time, this age group began shrinking and currently, more than 80% of the US men of 40-50 years are suffering from ED. This is quite alarming data that needs to be looked at, or else we would witness a majority of the male population becoming sexually incapable.

This could severely impact the birth rates in countries like Canada and Nordic countries where it is already low. Already Europe is falling short of working population hence, this blow can cause population crisis in the coming decade.

Apart from the population crisis, ED has been the cause of various mental disorders and personal clashes between couples. It has been seen that ED significantly reduces the overall productivity and the ability to concentrate. Therefore, healthy life and ED cannot co-exist together and it must be eliminated as fast as possible with the use of Cenforce 100, Cenforce 200, VidalistaTadalafil 20 and Fildena.

How is ED diagnosed?

We can talk about curing a disorder only after the doctor examines you with ED. But many people do not reach this step but directly consume pills like Cenforce, Vidalista and Fildena. It then becomes a gamble, if it works you get cured, if it reacts differently, you get side effects.Therefore, both for ethics and safety first get diagnosed with a doctor. But situations often arise due to a lack of sexual education.

People don’t even know what Erectile Dysfunction is?Sometimes it gets ignored for a long time and gets known only under extreme situations.Hence, the question arises that how would one come to know that he is an ED patient? Or what are the symptoms? The first symptoms are reduced sex drive, frequent instances of penis not getting erect and deduction in the duration of performance on bed.

Try to observe your daily life along with Cenforce 100,Cenforce 200, Vidalista 20 and Fildena, whether you are being too busy at work, not getting good sleep are smoking a lot etc. If these things correlate with poor sexual performance, then it’s time to meet a sexologist. One can complain of not low sex drive as a common phenomenon in old age but not when your hormones are shaking up and down in your body. In youth, one’s interest in sexual pleasure should not dry up, if it does then that’s a problem.

Main causes of ED

Talking about the main causes of ED, from the way you sleep to the food eat, everything can be the cause of ED.ED is not a virus that comes from outside but it is a condition that has occurred due to malfunctioning of the normal biological process in the body.Some of the main causes of ED are:


Undoubtedly one of the main reasons for ED is the addiction to smoking. Annually smoking takes the lives of millions due to cancer, asthma and respiratory problems. But still, the consumption is not going to stop anytime soon. More and more new teenagers are joining the list of smokers and consuming carbon emissions globally.Being a smoker the quality of the blood in your body deteriorates. This affects the effectiveness of your organs, including the penis. Thus, during sexual stimulation negligible quantity of blood reaches the penis. This results in less expansion of its blood vessels which ultimately causesa reduced erection.

Alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol entirely is not entirely wrong or harmful.In fact, doctors have approved the consumption of alcohol in small amounts because it reduces stress. It becomes lethal when you consume alcohol in unlimited quantities. In such situations, the correlation between organs and the brain is broken. Instructions are neither transferred nor received by the brain or the organs.Several important secretions of enzymes are stopped, blood circulation becomes a mess. Thus, the penis fails to achieve the required erection. This is the reason most alcoholics are patients of Erectile Dysfunction and take pills like Cenforce 100, Vidalista 20 and Fildena 100 mg.

These are not the only reasons, but the most common ones. Diabetes mellitus, stress, mental illness, high blood pressure, obesity etc also contribute to ED.


Treating Erectile Dysfunction or ED is simple. Follow the prescription given by the doctor and consume pills accordingly. But putting all the responsibility on medicines is not a wise option. If you repeat the mistakes, for example, you again started smoking, eating high-calorie food, drinking excess alcohol then chances are that ED will return.

So, along with taking pills like Cenforce 200, Vidalista 20and Fildena one must try to get rid of addictions, do yoga, sleep for adequate hours, eat healthily and exercise. Erasing the cause will ensure a permanent solution to Erectile Dysfunction.

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