Don’t Miss The Hadestown Tour

Hadestown is truly a Broadway Musical like no other.  The sensational masterpiece nearly swept every single Tony Award, and it has fans across the globe clamoring for a chance to experience the show.  It’s only natural to wonder where Hadestown is heading next and if it will ever come to a city near you.  

This is why it is important to monitor and track the Hadestown tour.  The tour has started in North America and it is already slated to head to London as well.  It is reasonable to expect that it will eventually enter Canada and go beyond that ultimately.  

Here is a current schedule of what is going on with the tour:

Austin – Bass Concert Hall                                  January 11-16, 2022

Greenville – Peace Center                                  October 5-10, 2021

Boston – Citizens Bank Opera House                November 2-14, 2021

Washington DC – Kennedy Center                    October 13-31, 2021

Columbus – Ohio Theatre                                   November 16-21, 2021

Detroit – Fisher Theatre                                      November 23 – December 5, 2021

East Lansing – Wharton Center                          December 7-12, 2021

Appleton – Fox Cities PAC                                   December 14-19, 2021

New Orleans – Saenger Theatre                         December 28 – January 2, 2022

Houston – Hobby Center                                     January 4-9, 2022

Dallas – AT&T PAC                                                January 18-30, 2022

Memphis – Orpheum                                           February 1-6, 2022

Philadelphia – Academy of Music                      February 9-20, 2022

There will be many other stops over time as well, and just remember at each one they will be singing “Wait For Me” and all the other amazing songs from Hadestown music.  It’s almost as exciting as eagerly anticipating the upcoming concerts one is looking forward to attending with friends or family.  

Broadway Across America is an international producer and presenter of live musical events in the US and Canada since early 1982. It is presently owned by the John Gulick Organization, which bought it from Live Nation in 2021. The company is known to present a wide range of musicals spanning many genres. For example, they have presented musicals such as Cats, Grease, Hello Kitty, Mary Poppins, Rent It, Cinderella, Ferris Wheel, and The Little Engine. The company has also presented musicals including Something So American, Thank You Very Much, Swing Into Your Life, Chicago, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Hey Jude.

Broadway across America

In addition to these broadway shows, Broadway across America has also started to produce musical comedy movies. There are several movies in development including Baywatch, I’m Still Your Baby, Finding Nemo, and The Blind Side. Most of these movies are either produced by Disney, with some by independent film producers. These movies have proven to be box-office successes, earning millions of dollars in ticket sales and generating additional revenue for Disney.

In addition to producing musicals and comedy movies, Broadway across America also presents touring theatre events. The most popular of these shows are the Broadway musicals which are quite popular among both audiences and the actors and actresses that are featured in them. These include: Companytown, hands of Love, oversize, Rooster’s Huddle, and Jersey Boys to name a few. Touring theatres in the United States and Canada are often sold out during the summer months, but there is always the chance of finding tickets available if you look hard enough.

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