engagement Jewellery Ideas: 4 Types of Jewellery for the Bride

As the D-day is slowly inching nearer, every bride wishes to look as a maiden from heaven in her engagement attire. Now what complements and completes engagement attire? It is the jewellery of course. The bride without a doubt wants to look special and plans out every detail of her attire, right from her make up to the hair accessories, clothes and jewellery. Here are four types of engagement jewellery ideas to complement your engagement outfit.

1. Necklace – Adorning the neck with a necklace is one of the most common yet important parts of any jewellery collection for a wedding. The market nowadays is filled with variations of necklace to suit the deep as well as not so deep pockets. Some of them are choker style, rani haar, aadh necklace, etc.

2. Nose ring or nath – Traditional engagement jewellery adds an entire charm to your look. Yet, you can accessorize it better with a beautiful nose ring or nath for a complete makeover. However, not everyone is comfortable wearing one. But you want to go for a whole lot of glam; the nath is one of the most unique weeding jewellery ideas that will take your glam quotient a notch higher. The good thing about wearing a nath is that you don’t and to pierce your nostril. They can be pressed on either side of the nostrils and look equally beautiful.

3. Payal – The payal or an Indian anklet is one of the most beautiful and stunning jewellery that is meant to worn on the feet. They come in a pair and are worn on both the ankles. The payals are usually crafted in silver and they are beautifully crafted with a lot of traditional designs and delicate patterns. Payals are one of the most beautiful engagement jewellery ideas that also have small metallic bells that rub against each other to give out a melodious sound whenever the wearer moves. This leads to the bride looking elegant and with an unmistakable aura.

4. Bangles – These are the symbol of “Indianess” the world over. Bangles are worn by brides as well as regular girls. They are also called Indian bracelets and are mostly made of gold or gold plating and silver or silver plating. However, these are also very commonly available in wood, plastic, ivory and so on. This not only gives out a traditional tint to the whole look but also makes the bride look amazing.

Other import trending moissanite rings in1i carat and 2 carat  and engagement jewellery ideas included in the trousseau are rings, earrings, armlet, kamarband, maang tika, et at 

Engagement Rings Direct . the key is to mix and match and you will come out with some of the most charming jewellery sets. Looking like a million bucks on your D-day is easy if you know how to assemble the right way.

Don’t know how to choose the right set of jewellery for your wedding? Fear not. We are here to help you out with a guide and proper knowledge of engagement jewellery ideas. Here are five types of necklaces for the bride to shine on her engagement day.

A personal favourite to many, the rani haar is long necklace that is either single or multi stringed. It is the “ghera” that gives them a queen like feel. This sort of necklace has been admired by a lot of brides from a long time and is typically layered with another necklace such as the collar necklace or chokers. Brides usually go for a polka, kundan and a rani haar.

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