Finding MP3 Files Online – What Is Legal?

Few people have heard of “Napster”. It stems from the idea of ​​teenagers who have radically changed the way we think about online music as the Internet, the music industry, and consumers. The word “intellectual property” has taken on a 18-year-old Shawn Fanning wrote the code for his hair Shawn Fanning’s nickname, the utility “Napster,” in 1999. This program brings together three main features into one. A search engine Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is also a way for other MP3 users to find and chat while online. When he downloaded the original beta to, it quickly became one of the hottest downloads on the site.

Napster MP3 files were stored on each user’s machine instead of on one large central computer. This new process was called “peer-to-peer sharing” or P2P. Each song downloaded from someone else’s machine that could be anywhere in the world. The main Downloaded to each PC computer as MP3 song files for listening, these songs can be transferred to MP3 players such as iPod and Zen Micros for listening.

This program was very popular because you can download free music online instead of buying a CD. But the music industry, music artists, and songwriters have been rewarded for their music. Thousands of copies of copyrighted songs have been downloaded for free, disrupting the music industry. Napster was banned from about 40% of US colleges when it was illegal, with college students being the largest user. There are several reasons for this. College students really like technology more than most of the time. Universities also make high-speed Internet access available to college students. The website was sued by a record company for not having copyrighted material that students could download online, even though they paid for everything sold. Rice field.

The Napster proceedings have caught the attention of everyone, regardless of which side they are on. One thing to keep in mind is that if someone buys or plans to buy an MP3 player, it’s important to play legally according to the rules. Listed on the internet are some song rules for legally downloading song files.

  1. Public domain
  2. Uploaded by the artist trying to get the exposure
  3. Released by a record company and trying to increase interest in CDs
  4. Pay the right to download and the site pays the artist or record company a fee.

The media company succeeded in destroying the original Napster in 2002, but the service was adopted by AOL, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Their instant messenger products have allowed people to exchange music files, photo files, etc. with their friends. Sony also distributes some of the music through the Scour Exchange.

Some legal services that charge a reasonable amount and have a good name are:

  1. AOL Music Now-America On Line is the leading name in the world of the Internet, boasting over 1.5 million songs in its database for members to use. You can try AOL’s services for a free trial and then download each song for $ 0.99 ..
  2. F.Y.E.-Downloadable music reader, F.Y.E. After the free trial period, you can choose from 1.2 million songs for $ 1 per download.
  3. MSN Music-Another major name on the Internet and computer name, Microsoft offers a million songs available for $ 0.99 per download. MSN does not offer a free trial period.
  4. MusicMatch-MusicMatch software makes personal recommendations and charges $ 0.99 for each download of selected music. MusicMatch does not offer a free trial period mp3 song dwonload pagalworld.
  5. Napster-The name that started everything is now one of the best outlets for downloading music on a monthly fee basis. Napster offers downloads for up to $ 9.95 per month on up to three computers with about one million songs in its database. offers a 7-day free trial.
  6. PassAlong-This is a relatively new site, the database is smaller than most download services, about 400,000 songs, but offers great perks instead. By recommending your friends about certain types of music, you can earn bonus points and lower the price of future downloads. PassAlong starts at $ 0.99 per download and does not offer a free trial.
  7. Wal-Mart-The name Bargain Shopping offers the cheapest prices on the market for subscription services compatible with Plays for Sure. Offering the same 400,000 song capacity as PassAlong, Wal-Mart can offer the best price for its corporate structure. Wal- Mart does not offer free trials.

The music business can no longer do anything, so they can only maximize the situation by delivering music to those who need it. Therefore, they have partnered with music download sites to offer promotions to registered members to increase the value of downloaded tracks.

Music benefits artists, listeners, and mp3 song distributors by connecting people and taking full advantage of the piracy situation. They may be physically separated from each other, but the Internet connects them as if they were just neighbors. The Internet is a bridge that can bring the music of one country to another. Therefore, the range of music is expanded. There is also a fusion of the genres of one country and the genres of another country.

Music is also easy to carry. You can use mp3 download to put the music you are listening to on your iPad. Previously, I had to carry a Walkman with me. After that, the Walkman became a disc man with a CD. Over the years, portable music technology has become smaller. Inventors understand that people need to bring music wherever they are, so they agree with that fact.

By driving the rise of piracy, the artist and music industry has established another business where most audiences can earn money without having to go to a record store and buy records. They turn to social media to promote artists and records, and even have promotions that listeners can participate in. Even though the industry seems free, capitalism still exists-and there are still sites that do not allow piracy at all.

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