Five Great Reasons Toronto is the Next Big City You Should Visit

Toronto is quite possibly the most mainstream urban area for the travel industry in Canada. Large numbers of individuals who travel to Canada make Toronto their first stop. The explanation for this decision is clear – this city is known for its variety. From luxury stops to incredible food, family diversion, and festivals, you can discover them all here. Here are five great reasons Toronto is the next big city you should visit.


“We live now in a global village and we are in one single family. It’s our responsibility to bring friendship and love from all different places around the world and to live together in peace.” said Jackie Chan, a Chinese Actor, Philanthropist, and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Toronto is home to practically the whole of the world’s culture varieties, with half of Toronto’s populace being of the world outside of Canada and more than 180 dialects and tongues spoken. So there should be nothing unexpected that Toronto has been quite possibly the most multicultural urban region on the planet.

Because of the social variety around there, neighborhoods, and networks have been created around these societies. From Little Italy to Chinatown, as you stroll through the roads of Toronto, you will hope to stroll all through pockets of what feels like an alternate country.


From Asian flavors like Japanese or Thai to European foods like French or German, thus substantially more – you will find them here. Toronto has a major worker populace, which clarifies the variety of the food scene around there. If you end up longing for colorful flavors, you make sure to find a spot to eat out in Toronto.

The city has a few food festivals displaying the best flavors from everywhere in the world. This is only one of the numerous ways that Toronto embraces and complements its social variety.

Tourist Destinations

Toronto is home to many world-well-known vacationer locations. On the first spot on that list is Niagara Falls. No visit to Toronto would be finished without a visit to this natural miracle. Following up is the famous CN Tower wherein you can attempt the EdgeWalk. The Rogers Center is another infamous milestone, particularly for avid fans. Find the opportunity to snap a picture of the Stanley Cup at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Another modern architectural wonder is The One located at One Bloor West.

The list of must-see vacationer locations in Toronto continues endlessly and among them are the Toronto Zoo, High Park, Kensington Market, and the Royal Ontario Museum. Get the chance to visit a notable number of these places of interest as you can while in Toronto.


The vast majority of us will have known about the Toronto Film Festival, however, the city is likewise host to an entire summer of store elective dance and electronic festivals – including Digital Dreams, Electric Island, and Diplo’s yearly Mad Decent Block Party. Art lovers will need to go over in June, when a 17-day celebration, Luminato, will assume control over Toronto’s theaters, parks, and public spaces with theater, dance, and music.

Night Life

From brew houses to dive bars, the city wakes up around evening time. Thirsty and Miserable, Sauce, and The Done Right Inn are a couple of calm trendy person areas of interest ideal for sinking a brew or two heading to one of the city’s clubs. Londoners will feel right comfortable at The Hoxton, a DJ-friendly midtown club in a changed over modern space, or Wayward – a West Queen West dance club that has an unparalleled mixed drink setting and speakeasy vibe.

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