Five Ways to Get More Social Media Followers

Social media is a proven method of connecting with your existing readers and new audiences. It is essential to keep in mind that your blog is the core of any digital authority you have as a blogger. This is the only place where your brand identity is entirely under your control. Converting your social following into traffic to your site is essential to consolidate your online authority. Contrary to popular belief, there are many ways to do this.

Before we move on to the next actionable tip, let’s remember the end goal: engaged traffic. We also need to know how to measure it. Each social media platform has a unique way of converting organic reach into blog traffic. Some data trends emerge when looking at traffic coming from buy facebook followers uk. We have been working with our outstanding chloedigital members. Analytical data from our style publishers shows that different social media sites generate different audiences with other behaviors. The engaged, curious browsers and newbies all have different behaviors. You should therefore set different goals for each of them.

Let’s take a look at the current digital ecosystem surrounding blogs. We’ll be looking at four popular social media platforms and highlighting what has proven to be most effective in traffic conversion. Facebook-referred traffic, which is shifting towards mobile, is more engaged and has a significantly longer average time on page. Twitter users, however, are more attracted to browsing and visiting multiple pages per session. These audiences are mainly returning visitors who are familiar with your content. Pinterest is, however, a great discovery tool for blogs because it often brings in the highest percentages of new users.


Why would you want your followers to visit your blog if all of your content is revealed in one Instagram post? Splitting your content can maximize the effort and time you spend creating visual and written content.

Instead of posting your entire outfit on Instagram, you can share a sneak peek on the day your post goes live, redirecting people to your blog. You can also use Snapchat to share behind-the-scenes content while getting ready for the Gala. Make sure to point to the beauty tutorial that will go live tomorrow on your site.

Do you want to increase readership loyalty? You can further foster readership loyalty by creating a weekly newsletter with exclusive news and images. Tell your social media followers how they can get in on this secret club. You can share links to your sign-up page on your social media profiles or snippets from the content they will receive. For the perfect incentive, you can offer a contest or giveaway.


Your followers won’t be shocked or offended if you tweet excerpts of your latest piece, blog shout-outs, or mention your blog on social media. Your CTAs should be clear and concise. Each story on your blog should contain enough surprise content to reward your loyal readers.

Transparency is the key to self-promotion success. Transparency is key to successful self-promotion. This Bloglovin email subject is an example: A Guide to Starting A Minimal Wardrobe, Four Ways To Style the Cropped Black Trouser & Other Inspirational Stories.

Isn’t it tempting to click on the link and visit the site? You don’t have to use the same traffic-influencing strategies as the big players. “Check out my most recent post to learn how to avoid the five biggest fashion faux-passes” or “See the complete look today on our blog, plus three affordable alternatives!” will convert more visitors than “More on this blog.”


Social media is not something you should abandon. You must earn their trust and interest to build relationships with your audience. This isn’t easy if you promote posts three days in succession on all your social media profiles. Then suddenly, your Pinterest and Facebook activity goes silent for weeks. This wouldn’t sound credible.

You should ensure that all shout-outs, images, and copies are as perfect and well planned as any other post on your blog. Also, schedule them ahead of time within your overall content calendar.


You can redirect people to your blog using resourceful content: lists, how-to’s, do’s & don’ts guides, series, and other editorial techniques are great ways to get people to visit your blog. How? How?

If you take the time to revise titles and promote resourceful content, it will be just as effective when it is first published. You can change the headline of an old post to be more relevant to current topics.

Although your guide on “8 bulletproof tips to pack for every occasion” is nearly a year old, it still has value. Your evergreen content will be irreplaceable with ‘My top tips to packing for Fashion Week’ and ‘The only guide you need for Coachella.’

It’s incredible what a new title or brand new image can do to old content. Social media is the perfect platform to show this. Deep linking is a great way to encourage readers to visit your site long after arriving.


You can only find out what your followers want by watching closely. You can ask them questions and share their doubts in the comments. What images and tutorials perform best on Pinterest? Do you see a common theme in your social media feedback?

You get complimented every time you make a messy bun with your outfit. Don’t wait to ask: Post a blog post about your “2 Minute Guide to the Perfectly Messy Top Bun” and tell your followers that your comments were inspiring.

The key to tapping into your audience’s interests is often right in front of you, just waiting for you to explore. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and share your thoughts in your posts if it isn’t.

These five tips will help you get more Social Media followers to your blog. I hope that you find value in them. The best way to increase your blog activity on any platform is to think about your readers first, keep accurate to yourself, and create your niche within the blogosphere.

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