Fun Restaurants to Explore in London

If you are looking for some interesting eateries in London, we have got you covered. London has many fun and quirky restaurants that are worth exploring, especially if it’s your first time in London. These unique restaurants not only serve delicious food but they are also the perfect spots to spend some intimate time with your partner. 

Interestingly, the restaurants chosen by us are also the top choices of London escorts. They prefer these restaurant to hang out with their clients and enjoy. You too can visit these London restaurants recommended by escorts. The best part is you can book a gorgeous London escort to accompany you to these cafes. 

Below is the list of London restaurants that almost every London escort. 

  • Sketch: Situated near Regent Street, Sketch is one of the best restaurants in London. It’s beautiful ambience and quirky wall paint makes it even more appealing. It’s a fun place to enjoy drinks and great food with your closed ones. It’s also a nice place to try some exotic drinks with a gorgeous escort. You can take her to this place and kill that awkwardness of the first meeting by getting drunk together. 
  • Dinner by Heston Blumenthal: Want to have an amazing culinary experience? If yes, you shouldn’t miss going to Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. It is known for its unusual menu. The meat fruit starter is one of its quirkiest dishes that you should definitely give a try. It is also a great place to learn about British culinary history. 
  • Trader Vic’s: Trader Vic’s in Mayfair is a beautiful place to experience South sea dining. Here, you can enjoy some amazing seafood, besides other options like its authentic finger food, black bean pork, whole lobster, and much more. 
  • The Piano Works: Want to enjoy some good music and food? The Piano Works is a great restaurant for people who love listening to music while enjoying delicious food. You can ask them to play your favourite musica on request and enjoy the ambience as you dig into some mouth-watering delicacies. It’s quite a romantic place and it feels all the more special during night with lights, music, drinks, food and your favourite person by your side.
  • Circus: Ever thought of enjoying circus acts while having food? If not, heading to Circus is going to be an amazing experience. It’s a perfect combination of entertainment and food. Created by Tom Dixon, a famous British designer, this restaurant is one of its kind restaurant in London that is worth visiting. 

Are you wondering how you can visit these amazing restaurants with an escort? If yes, we are here to help you. 

How to Hire Escorts that Can Accompany You to London Restaurants?

Excited to explore the London restaurants mentioned by us with a hot lady? London has many escort agencies that help you find escorts for both incall and outcall services. In case you want a beautiful escort to tag along with you to one of these restaurants, make sure you book an escort for an outcall service. This way your escort will come to the place you wish to explore. 

Since there are hundreds of escort agencies in London, it’s advisable to look for a reliable escort agency. You can look on the Internet for the top-rated escort agencies near you. Reliable escort agencies give you an out of the world experience and premium services. If you wish, you can also ask them to make special arrangements for you and your escort ladies in one of these restaurants. They would love to do it for you. Although it would cost you a fortune, it’s worth your money. You have to just sit back and relax and prepare your first meeting with a hot and sexy lady while the agency do the rest for you. Isn’t it so effortless? 

You can also book an escort for some extra hours as who goes home after getting drunk and having good food? You can go to a private hotel room and get a bit naughty with your escort lady to make the whole experience even more happening. 


What are some top recommendations of London restaurants by escorts?

There are many restaurants that are recommended by escorts that you can explore like The Piano Works, Circus, and Sketch to name a few. 

Is it a good idea to visit London restaurants with escorts?

Absolutely yes! Visiting London restaurants with escorts becomes even more interesting when you have a beautiful escort to give you company. 

How to book an escort in London?

You can easily book an escort in London through escort agencies. Alternatively, there are also many independent escorts working in London to consider. 

What are the charges of booking escorts in London?

It’s a question with no clear-cut answer. They vary depending on various factors but you can take an estimate of a minimum 100 dollars per hour. 

Final Thoughts

This article is a great place to begin with if you are looking for some fun and interesting restaurants in London that are go-to places of London escorts. The restaurants discussed in this article are among the top recommendations of escorts. They would be happy to tag along with you to any of these restaurants. All you have to do is to to select the restaurant of your choice from the list and find a reliable escort agency to make arrangements for you. 

Nonetheless, make sure you book a reputed escort agency to have a smooth experience. We would recommend you to book VIP escort services as they offer luxurious experience and elite escorts who belong to the top strata of the society. The fun of enjoying good food doubles up when you are with a gorgeous lady. You can enjoy delicious meals, indulge in sexy conversations, get drunk and have some fun afterwards. What about a steaming hot session of sex? Well, it’s completely up to you how you want to plan your meeting. You can make it as innovative as you want. Good luck! 

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