Get wrinkles free hand!

Today everyone is a beautyholic! Every person is conscious of their body. People are health conscious so they do take a lot of exercise and medical procedures to stay fit and active. People nowadays are more likely to have junk food and oily food which gives them many health problems and many diseases.

The problem of health-

Today people are more likely to have many diseases. One of the biggest cosmetic problems which everyone is suffering from is wrinkles or aging problems. “Wrinkles are caused only to old age” is a myth because according to now wrinkles can be seen in any age group due to weakness and loosening of skin. We may see many people having loose skin on their hands and we always think that this happens because they are too young.

Loosening skin can be happened by anything such as

  • Weakness
  • Early aging
  • Stress

How to get rid of this aging hand problem is the biggest question.

One can go for fat transfer to hand surgery. You can easily transfer fat to any of your body parts to make it look more finest. There are many best doctors of fat transfer to hand in Ludhiana. Before coming to this part first there is a need to know what this surgery means?

Fat transfer to hands-

Fat transfer is a procedure of transferring extra fat of tummy, breast, thighs, etc, and transferred to your aging hands to rejuvenate and give it proper contouring. The process is simple as this means the team of doctors will take the fat from your body and inject it into the wrinkled part of your hands to make it look more young and fine.

Benefits of having a fat transfer to hands surgery

There are many benefits of having this surgery as this surgery will provide you

  • Wrinkles free hand
  • More confident life
  • Free from hands problem

Stages of procedure

There are mainly three steps of this procedure so the  doctor will prescribe you according to your need

  • Injecting
  • Treating and filtering
  • Collecting fat

 There are many best doctors of fat transfer to hand in Ludhiana. All they provide you the best guidance, proper hygiene, and proper service. And also you don’t have to take any tension because they will guide you the best


Taking consultation from your doctor is one of the most important things because a consulate is a must in every surgery. Ask your doctor properly about every process. And once you will properly secure the whole process then you should decide whether you want this or not.

Also, your doctor will consult you about your previous medical history and everything after doing the whole test and everything they will assure you whether you can take this procedure or not.

Whole procedure-

The procedure will take less time. It will be almost done in 1 hour. It depends on your body’s activeness. During this procedure, you will have to suffer anesthesia. And before and after the procedure you will guide to take proper rest and proper food.

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