Great Benefits of Screen Printing T-Shirts

When it comes to increasing brand awareness, businesses have a lot of advertising options. Many advertising techniques are used by businesses to communicate their brand message to the public. From newspaper and television ads to social media and billboards, all advertising tactics offer different advantages. When creating the marketing and advertising strategy, businesses focus on these methods and often ignore one of the most effective and affordable solutions- customized t-shirts. Printing custom t-shirts and apparel with the company’s name and logo can help get your brand recognized and generate revenue. From small businesses to large organizations, custom-printed t-shirts are great to enhance the image of your brand. Distributing custom apparel or gifts is the way of letting people knows that you value your customers.

Why Screen Printing T-Shirts?

When it comes to custom printing t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other items, different options are available. You can customize apparel using techniques such as screen printing, digital transfer, direct-to-garment, vinyl transfer, etc. All these methods are widely used for printing bulk orders for businesses. However, screen printing remains one of the most popular methods because of the benefits it has to offer. Screen printing is a technique of putting an image created in a stencil on a surface. Also known as silk screening, it is an excellent way of printing images on almost any surface including customized t-shirts, hats, socks, or any other apparel. This method allows you to enlarge or shorten the selected design according to the surface. The screen printing process involves transferring a design made on a stencil onto a flat surface. It is most popularly used to print fabric but other materials like plastic, wood, or metal can also be printed with specialized inks. To know more about it, let’s take a look at the top benefits of screen printing t-shirts.

1.      Bright Colors and Clear Images

The vividness of the colors and designs on screen-printed t-shirts is one of their key benefits. Strong, bright, and clear pictures are produced via screen printing. In contrast to printing directly onto the garment, this approach uses a thick ink type that stays on the fabric’s surface rather than absorbing into it. Whether you’re printing company apparel, sports jerseys, or customized tees for your NGO, screen-printed T-shirts are clear and lively.  Unlike most other inks, screen-printing ink is thicker and actually sits on top of the fabric to produce brighter and more striking images.

2.      Cost-Effective

Screen printing is an affordable option for promoting your business. Since any fabric can be utilized for printing, it enables you to select the type of fabric you want to purchase for the marketing of your business. A screen printer requires very little time to print because the print head simply presses the design to the fabric using heat and pressure. It means that screen printing can be used to take in bulk orders with ease and keep the print quality on every t-shirt the same. This makes screen printing a cost-effective way of advertising.

3.      Durable and Long-Lasting

Screen printing produces vibrant and lasting colors. The best screen printing services use high-quality inks and the latest machinery to provide durable and lasting results. It is ideal for bulk or large orders because this method prints t-shirts quickly and cost-effectively. Moreover, it gives an excellent finish as compared to other methods. The ink doesn’t fade quickly and stays for a long time. Screen printing is popular because any design or color can be printed on different surfaces. It is a versatile method that gives freedom to fully customize t-shirts. Whether you want to print a company logo or your NGO’s slogan, screen printing is the best way to custom print t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and other items.

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