Growing Your free Instagram Follower Utilizing Reels


If you’re looking to grow your free Instagram follower base, consider the reel. It’s short and sweet, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be effective.

Instagram reels are video.

Instagram reels are short, they’re fun, and they can be just about anything. A reel can be a video of you in your kitchen singing a song or dancing to your favorite song while cooking dinner. It could be footage of you working out at the gym or playing with your dog. The possibilities are endless!

You’re probably wondering why we even have to make an Instagram reel for our profiles on social media sites like Instagram since we already post videos all the time anyway? Well, one big reason is that reels allow us to add soundtracks from other artists into our posts so users can experience what it would be like if they were actually there with us doing whatever it is that we did in those clips (the same way having actual audio helps people feel more connected when watching videos). Reels also help provide context for any content posted without sound as well as give viewers who may not have seen everything before an easy way to catch up on what was shared previously without having go back through all those previous posts individually looking through them one by one trying figure out where exactly something was originally posted.”

Instagram reels are short.

Instagram reels are short. They’re only 30 seconds, unlike traditional commercials that run anywhere from 60 to 90 seconds. And they’re shorter than a TV commercial, which usually runs around 60-90 seconds. They’re also shorter than music videos and other similar forms of content.

Instagram reels are fun.

Reels are fun to watch, and they’re even more fun to make. If you’re thinking of joining the Instagram Reel trend, here are a few pro tips that may help you out:

  • Go for quality over quantity. Don’t add every single video you’ve ever made just because it’s on your phone. Pick out the ones that are truly interesting and put them in chronological order so viewers can follow along with your progress as an artist or creator. The best reels tell a story of sorts!
  • Include context where necessary (e.g., what was happening when this was filmed?). Sometimes there’s more to the story than meets the eye — especially if it’s something silly like “I’m trying not to laugh.” This is especially helpful when making comedy skits or other types of videos where context is key!
  • Use transitions between clips whenever possible; they add interest and flow between clips without being too distracting from whatever’s happening on screen right now!

Instagram reels can be just about anything.

Instagram reels can be just about anything.

You can use Instagram reels to curate and share content from other people’s accounts, or you can create your own reel entirely on your own. You may even want to consider adding soundtracks or voiceovers if you’re making a reel for your business. Just make sure that if you do choose to add music, it plays well with the images in the video and isn’t too distracting or loud (or else there won’t be much point!).

Instagram reels can have soundtracks.

Soundtracks can be any song you like. They don’t have to be songs that are particularly relevant to your Instagram account and they don’t even have to be good quality, but they should be relaxing and something that makes you feel happy. A few examples of good soundtracks would include:

  • Favorite songs from your favorite artists; this could include songs from the artist themselves or cover versions by other artists (examples include “These Walls” by Kendrick Lamar and “For the First Time” by Ben Rector)
  • Music from movies or TV shows (be careful here because if it’s not on YouTube then people might not know where it came from)
  • Music from games (example: Undertale’s “MEGALOVANIA”)

Instagram reels can be from other people (with permission!).

For example, let’s say you’re looking for a Youtube reel. It doesn’t matter who it’s from! If the content is good and relevant to your channel, go for it.

The same goes for Instagram reels as well: You can make use of other people’s clips, provided that they are okay with it (which they should be). This will help with building up your profile quickly.

Your free Instagram followers will find your free instagram followers if you promote your instagram account well.

You can also use hashtags to promote your account. Hashtags are a great way to find people with similar interests and share content with them. They’re like keywords that help users find posts, but they’re not limited to just words. You can also use emojis, numbers, symbols and letters in hashtags as long as it makes sense for the post you’re sharing.

You should also keep an eye on the explore page on Instagram so you don’t miss out on potential followers who might be interested in your content because of it’s category or location tags (e.g., if someone has tagged their photo with “The Rock” in Los Angeles or “Los Angeles”). The explore page is a good place to start when finding people who share similar interests to yours!

Try them out and get free instagram followers


So, now you know a little bit about Instagram reels and how they can help your free Instagram follower count grow. The great thing about these videos is that they’re fun to make and easy to share on social media. Just remember not to get too caught up in trying to make them perfect – people won’t care! They just want something that’s short, sweet and interesting enough for them to stop scrolling past your posts without even looking at them.

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