How to Hang And Hunt in 7 Minutes

Good at hunting? but Sacred to climb a tree?

Here are tips to lose the fear of climbing and become good at your game. It is quite simple to hang on the tree.

All you need is a hang-on tree stand. It helps the hunter hunt and aims better. 

You can stand and wait comfortably for your target. You can also choose some of the best climbing sticks as well. 

Moreover, the tree stands are diverse. You can get one completely suited to you.

The stands come in different lengths. They meet all of your needs while hunting.

There are only a few things that you require:

  • A tree stand.
  • Climbing sticks.
  • A lineman’s.
  • A rope.

With these, you are set to go. The aim, focus, and shoot! You do not need any other thing or person or any other material.

The climbing stand makes the hunting more fun and epic.

Prepare yourself for an amazing hunting experience. We will discuss how to hunt and hang in 7 minutes!

You will the proper way to use these climbing sticks.

How to Hang and Hunt:

Follow these steps to make your hunting game better

1. Finding the right  Tree:

The first step is quite obvious. Find your hunting spot. Look for a tree that is best for your hunting. The type of tree you choose will decide how good your id going to be.

You should look for a tree with strong foundations. prefer a healthy tree with rarer branches but lots of leaves. Leaves give a good cover. Also, old trees are more potent than young ones.

Furthermore, older trees are higher up. They give you a good height. you can hide pretty well in those.

Nobody is likely to spot you in such trees as these trees give good coverage.

It is required to look for a tree with a few branches because few branches mean easy climbing. If branches are numerous then to climb you will have to cut them down.

From the tracks, the tree should be ten yards downwind. This range is good for shooting. Moreover, you don’t have to shoot straight down. Also, the prey will have no way of knowing the shooter.

2. Linesman’s Harness:

Now the tree and the location are done. The second step is to climb. To ensure safe climbing you will need Linesman’s Harness. The harness rolls around your legs and torso.

Similarly, on your back, a lifeline is attached. And the same lifeline is connected to the tree that you are climbing. This will secure you and you won’t have fear of falling.

You must be connected to the tree during climbing. The lineman’s belt will keep you attached to the tree.

What’s a lineman’s belt?

It is a rope that rolls around the tree. It is also connected to the lineman’s harness.

When the belt is fastened. You will have the liberty to use both hands, you can rely on your belt while climbing.

Now, you can easily set up the climbing sticks. Moreover, you can now easily modify the stand.

A useful tip for traversing branches around your stand is to use your tether line. Attach your tether strap to where you’re trying to go to avoid having to remove your lineman’s belt.

3. Attaching Your Climbing Sticks:

There are different climbing sticks. But the setup is the same for everyone. Firstly, keep it in front of the tree, roll it around and tighten it to your strength.

Cram the climbing stick down. This will put the stick in place. Then climb on it.

It doesn’t directly lock into place at first. First there its sags down then it is in place properly. Now you can climb safely.

However, it is all up to you where you want to keep the climbing stick.

4. Attaching Your Hang On Stand:

When you’ve reached the desired height for your tree stand, you place it against the tree.

The tree stand will usually be attached to the tree by two straps. Start with the top strap. to suspend a lock-on tree stand.

Open the tree stand. Tight the top strap to your full strength. Fold up the forum and narrow the strap again.

Now attach the bottom strap and climb safely.

5. Attaching Your Lifeline:

Lastly, your lifeline. It is important to secure your lifeline. You cannot go wrong there. Secure a rope belt to the tree.

The precise placement of the tether is your personal choice. But it must be high enough.

Some hunters like to keep the rope higher up the tree while others keep it a bit close to the head. 

They do it so the rope does not come in the way while shooting the arrow.

The whole point is to be attached to the tree at all times.

Wrapping It All Up!!

Climbing the tree depends on your experience entirely.

It will be tricky at first but eventually, it will become a piece of cake for you.

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