Health Insurance for Family: A Step towards your Family’s Future

All members of your family can be insured under one policy with the help of a family health insurance plan. The family health insurance from GetVital covers all family members under this plan and ensures that not all the members will fall sick in the family at the same time. This plan offers maternity benefits pre-treatment coverage, pot treatment coverage and cashless hospital treatments.

Some insurance providers only cover the head of the family, his/her spouse, and his/her children under this type of family health insurance but GetVital family health insurance includes parents as well.

How is Family Health Insurance Beneficial?

Everyone can get the benefits from Family Floater Health Insurance from GetVital to secure their loved ones from diseases and injuries. No matter what their age is, Family Floater Health Insurance covers everyone in the family in a single policy. Here are the main advantages of this policy that you can take:

1. Stress-Free Hospitalization Expense Coverage –   In the event of a hospitalization, the insured family member can get cashless care at one of the insurer’s network hospitals, exactly like with individual health insurance. This way, you can ensure that everyone in your family is eligible for medical treatment without compromising their care.

2. Obtain health insurance coverage for both parents under one plan – Several new-age insurance service providers, such as GetVital, provide free coverage for both parents and parents-in-law as part of a family health plan. You may be able to cover the health of both your parents and your spouse’s parents under one plan.

3. Affordable Premiums – Because family floater health insurance policies do not require you to pay individual rates for each family member, you may cover your spouse, child, and parents under the same plan at a cheap cost. It is suggested, however, that you acquire individual health insurance for your parents due to their age-related health concerns.

4. Easily ensure new family members – By paying an extra fee, you may simply add a new family member to your family health insurance plan. You don’t have to buy a new policy every time your family grows, unlike with individual insurance. If you add your parents to an existing family health insurance plan at yearly renewal, you can raise your sum insured.

5. COVID Family Health Insurance – You may get COVID-19 health insurance to protect yourself and your family financially. Coronavirus treatment is covered by GetVital as part of their normal health insurance policies, although coronavirus-specific coverage are also available.

6. The Possibility of Obtaining Additional Benefits – Many add-on benefits are available with family floater health insurance, such as critical condition coverage, maternity coverage, and so on. Make sure to read the policy terms thoroughly before choosing the best health insurance plan for your family to learn about any waiting periods that may apply to any add-on covers.

7. Health Insurance Premium Tax Benefits – Section 80D of the Internal Revenue Code exempts health insurance premiums from taxes. If you pay the health insurance premiums for your family and parents, you may be eligible for tax breaks.

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