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How do blue light glasses benefit gamers?

We are in solitary with the gamers section of society. Trust us, we never understood the seriousness of the profession until we actually came to understand it. 

It’s quite hard to keep up with the changing trend of such a busy schedule. But the issue with professional gamers is that they do not have a fixed schedule, they keep playing for hours from day to night and it becomes quite straining when it comes to that. 

We might have witnessed some similar situations during the pandemic when work was shifted all online and it led to extended work hours. But this is the same situation with the gamers community every day. 

The effects of gaming on eyes

Playing is sure fun, but we should make sure that it is done in absolute safety. Just like in sports where you carry your safety gear to eliminate any potential harm, in the same way, you must have safety gear just for your eyes. 

Your eyes are one important part of you, and it is our duty to make the best of care of these perpetual assets. With long hours playing in front of the computers, there could be a potential threat to your eyes. But what is the exact cause of it?

Blue light emission 

The blue light that is part of the visible light spectrum is emitted from both natural and artificial sources. The artificial source is your digital screens that emit blue light in abundance. When it comes to the natural sources, it is all about the sun, yes the sun is the biggest natural source of blue light. 

These blues are not as harmful as they said but only when exposed to a required quantity and that is the sole reason that they are associated with memory boosting and increased attention span. 

Now what happens is that even the gamers, when you play from the screens for longer hours, you are much more likely to be exposed to blue light than before. These blue lights when in abundance can actually have a huge negative impact in terms of eye health. It creates excessive fatigue and eye strain making it much more difficult for the person to focus on the screen. Apart from looking at the screen for long hours causes the situation of dry eyes as well. 

But one issue that is well affecting most people is that these blue lights when exposed at night without many safety measures can affect the circadian rhythm as well.   

Yes, at night when exposed to blue light in dim light conditions, these lights give a false signal as if it’s daylight to the brain and that is the reason while using a phone at night, one doesn’t feel very sleepy. 

What are the preventions and remedies to the same situation? 

Blue light gaming glasses are one best solutions for gamers, as these glasses are capable enough to provide protection against blue light. The blue light that is emitted from the digital screens is blocked from entering the eyes. 

This helps in getting relief from the long course of strain and fatigue and also helps in increasing productivity as well. 

When it comes to the dry eyes situation, the best one can do is try to blink after long hours of sitting in front of the computer. Or one can actually consult a specialist if they experience some super irritation and redness around the eyes. 

When it comes to the circadian rhythm, the best one can do is avoid using digital screens at night. If one is facing such a situation of emergency then they must make sure to sit in a proper lighting condition and even should wear their blue light glasses and if possible switch to the night mode for better protection. 

Styles of blue light glasses

There are several styles to be explored when it comes to the glasses, and we have got a few suggestions that could be definitely used if you’re looking for frames for your blue light lenses. 

Metal- The best part about metal frames is that they are absolutely stunning, they provide much-required strength to the lenses. When it comes to blue light glasses, these are the ultimate strength with support. It is your calling to buy metal glasses today. 

Transparent- Glasses that have the ability to grab the maximum attention are exactly the same. Transparent glasses have a special ability to shine out but never overpower the style and that is exactly what makes them unique. 

Tortoiseshell- Known for its unique patterns and odd colour combination, these are one of a kind. The perfect pick for every unique outfit, these are never out of style and that is the best part. 

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