How does AdSense send you money?

With a website that has a decent amount of visitors as well as that has been working for 3 months. You can allow ads on such types of websites. With a few easy steps, you can allow Google Adsense in your website and make money from your blog. After you, Google will show some relevant ads on your website. And at the end of the month if you achieve a certain amount threshold Google will pay you. How much it will pay depends on several aspects. But in this article, we will guide how you can accept the payment given by Google. As well as how this all system work. So that you can understand why sometimes google takes too much time to pay you. 

How the Google Adsense payment method work:

There are various ways Google uses AdSense payment. And some of them depend on location or payment address. 

First, money transfer offer

First, you can choose a bank account to get your payment from Google Adsense. Google Adsense will send you earnings on a monthly basis. It just like a salary at the end of the month. Anyway, now you should how you can accept money in your bank account. First, you have to go to your Adsense account. Then go to the payment section and select the payment option. After that fill in all the given options apart from the back account number. And payment pathway is ready for transactions.

But here Google will send you money in USD and your bank will convert it into your money. Sometimes it takes some extra charges on it. That is why you can use several other options to get money from Google Adsense. However, using a bank for receiving money is the safest option.

Electronic fund transfer (EFT):

Now the problem with this payment method is, this is not available in many places. Only if your location is listed for this method then only you can use this payment method. It is as same as your bank account. The money will be directly transferred to your account into your country currency. Here you do not need to convert your money into some other currency. 

Apply for this payment is as same as the bank account. You can visit the payment section and after that fill in all bank details. And once you fill in all details then at the end Adsence will send you few cents for some of the confirmation. 

Although, you can choose your suitable method to get your payment from Google Adsense.  


There are some other third parties options are available for getting your payment. They are completely secure and easy to use. Although linking your Adsense account to a bank account could be more secure. But still many payment companies are providing the best and secure services. And now with the help of these payment options, you should charge some extra amount to convert your Google payment to your country currency. This could be a little bit beneficial for you. 

So if you are a beginner then you should always choose simply your bank account for Google Adsense payment. But if you are working with a lot of transactions then you should probably check some of the third-party transactions to accept the Google Adsense payment.

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