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How I get rid of my dark circles

How I get rid of my dark circles

Did you know that dark circles make you look older than your real age? I didn’t know that until one day, a little kid at the mall called me “the old lady”, and I was only 25 years old. I was surprised when I heard him saying those words, and at first, I didn’t understand why he said that. But later on, I realized that it was related to my dark circles.

I had dark circles all my life, it is hereditary. My mom also has dark circles. I never thought they were an issue until this incident happened, and made me think seriously about treating them.

I remember that I went to the pharmacy that day and asked them about any available cream to treat dark circles, and the pharmacist gave me a cream that will whiten my skin, and treat the dark spots and acne. It was useful for the dark spots but didn’t really work for the acne.

I tried some homemade treatments that I saw on some websites related to beauty, but also, nothing really worked. So I had to wear a lot of makeup to hide those circles and make my skin look even.

I kept thinking about the best solution that will make me get rid of these dark circles. One day, when my best friend visited me at home, we talked about our skins and how we take care of them, and I told her about my issue that my dark circles bother me a lot and I can’t find the best solution to treat them. So she told me that her sister actually suffered from dark circles for a long time, but now she got rid of them thanks to the dermatologist in Dubai Novomed Center. I asked her to tell me more about the treatment, but she didn’t have many details, so she called her sister, got me the phone number of the doctor, and asked me to contact him to book a consultation. I did so and went to visit him on the scheduled day to check with him about the available treatment for my dark circles.

During the consultation, the doctor checked my dark circles and asked me if anyone in my family has dark circles, I told him that my mom has dark circles. So he told me that hereditary dark circles are usually the hard ones to treat because they are different from the ones that occur due to aging or tiredness, or skin changes. So the best solution for them was the fillers under my eyes that can help reduce the darkness around my eyes and give me a youthful look.

I agreed to the treatment and had my session a few days after the consultation. The results appeared immediately, and I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort. I was very happy to see the dark circles treated, and since then I am having 1 session of fillers for under eyes to keep the results I got.


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