How to Choose Custom keychain templates

When choosing a type of keyring, there are several possibilities for models so that you can get the identification and taste of the recipient right. The utility and combination with other gifts in kits are differentials that can help in this task. Get to know some models of custom keychains.

Rotating Keyring – formed by a base that supports a rotating surface, this type of keyring can be customized with rubberized materials, resin and engravings that allow it to have different reliefs and textures. Your company’s brand can be stamped and resin applied on top, giving a vitrified effect.

Opener Keyring – this type of keyring in the form of a bottle or can opener is ideal for adults and can be part of beverage and food kits, for example. The choice for this model will, of course, depend on your brand identity and the objective of the strategy, always remembering the application of the logo and other elements of the visual identity.

Carabiner Keyring – in the shape of a hook with a clasp, it is inspired by the equipment used in climbing. It can be combined with metal medals, leather or acrylic pieces, being very useful in everyday life due to its versatility. Due to its origin, it has a more “sporty” look and can be used on chains, keys or pieces of clothing.

• Custom photo keyring – it’s quite a treat! Very common as souvenirs of events such as baptisms, weddings and parties, it can be custom with a photo of the customer or employee. Usually made of acrylic, this keyring can also be made of stainless steel or aluminum customized with the application of a resin layer on top of the color photo or black & white engraving.

Custom keychain with name – another form of personalization is to use the name engraved or in laser cutouts, in acrylic or metal. It is also possible to produce the letters separately for mounting on a rod.

Knife keyring – this type of keyring is one of the most utilitarian. The best known are the Swiss Army Knives. In this case, by pocket knife, we understand the retractable function of the objects inserted in it, such as nail clippers, scissors and miniature screwdrivers, in addition to the possibility of fitting the key to the very base of the knife.

Types of applications for keychains

It is essential that the brand is stamped with quality in a corporate gift, to generate identification and visibility for the company. See some applications and types of printing that suit each type of material.

• Customized resin keyring – ideal for producing high-relief engravings, this type of material can be flexible and gives it a malleable appearance and “fisheye” effect and can be combined with other types of engraving, including. When the rigid resin is applied, it gives the keyring a vitrified appearance and shine, in addition to increasing the durability of the gift.

Keyring with hot stamp application – in turn, this type of engraving produces a low-relief effect generated by the heat of the hot stamping machine, and guarantees greater precision of details in the engraving of logos and writings in general on metal and leather keychains.

Key Ring with Laser Engraving – can be applied to different types of materials, including noble metals such as gold and silver, for example. Result of heating the material by a laser light beam, this type of engraving has high durability and abrasion resistance. In addition to engraving, the laser can also cut the material into various shapes.

Custom Keyring with Digital Printing – application method that draws different lines and colors to form the desired image. It works poorly on leather and metal due to the resulting quality on the surface of the material, but is commonly applied to acrylic.

How to choose the best supplier

You well know that to achieve a product or service of excellence, it is necessary to have good suppliers. In the case of custom gifts, this choice also involves the decision to choose the one that best meets the needs and understands the objectives of your project.

Check out some key criteria for choosing custom keyring suppliers:

Variety – the more possibilities, the better. In this case, it is important to check the sample of parts already produced by the supplier. This will help you understand if he will be able to meet your demand and your specifics.

Quality – like the previous item, it is important to evaluate the quality of the materials and processes that the supplier uses will reflect on the final result of your key ring. Low quality can harm your company’s image, after all, it’s your brand that will be stamped.

Delivery – meeting the agreed deadlines is essential so you don’t have headaches. Being aware of the supplier’s commitment and solicitude from the first contact with your project will help you build confidence that everything will be delivered as agreed and on time.

Value – it is a factor that deserves attention and, in cases where it is outside the standards, it is better to suspect that some of the other items mentioned here may also be harmed.

Warranty – like any other product, it is essential that the supplier certifies the warranty from the beginning of the project, with the receipt of the proposal and budget until the final delivery of the keyring.

Whether for customers, partners, internal staff, they must be designed and manufactured with quality and durability. As we said, the choice of where to make custom keychain, that is, the best supplier, also has a bearing on the final result.

We hope that these tips are useful and help your company succeed in communication and relationship strategies using this gift option and making a presence in the daily lives of those who receive it.

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