How to choose lights for your outdoor wedding?

A wedding is the most important day of anyone’s life. It is the day when you commit to the love of your life onto forever and begin a new journey with them. The day is remarkable as much as your love. That’s why the wedding day should not be treated as ordinary and must be given the sheer importance it deserves. This is that one day you don’t want to forget for all the good reasons, so everything from food to decorations to lights must look good. 

Talking about wedding lights, they add beauty to the venue, especially when it’s an outside wedding. Having an outdoor wedding takes all the focus from the venue to the surroundings covered in lights. You must have seen many beaches, hills, or park wedding photographs on Pinterest where the whole place is decorated with luminous and sparkling wedding lights. It feels dreamy when you imagine yourself standing in the aisle in front of the love of your life under the clouds with rich, brightening lights. Most of the time, in outside weddings, lights are often used as up lights covering the aisle or down lights around the sitting areas and mainly around the trees to magnify the wedding feel. Companies can now provide lighting services that significantly enhance the overall appearance of a wedding or reception as LED technology becomes more generally available and reasonably priced. This list was created to aid brides and grooms in avoiding frequent blunders and increasing their knowledge of the resources available to elevate their weddings.

Wireless Lights

Businesses deceive brides and grooms into believing wireless solutions are the only option. Watch out for companies that say they solely use LEDs that are powered by batteries and that have “no untidy wires.” In actuality, every reputable production firm should be able to provide both options. Wireless LEDs are frequently needed in places where power cannot be supplied, but their battery life is just 4 to 8 hours, and this figure reduces over time as the battery ages. Because wired LEDs are much more powerful, turning off all the other lights is unnecessary to view the beam and colour. Even though wireless LEDs might save you a tonne of time and be very helpful, good lighting manufacturers know how to conceal any connections, so make sure you choose wireless for the right reasons!

Choose between beam and wash lights

The beam and wash lights are opposite each other. The distinction is very straightforward: a wash light will have a greater spread than a beam light, which will be more like a straight column of light. The crucial thing to remember is that LED lights come in various sizes and shapes, and the beam angle on each fixture determines the beam’s breadth. There is no standard for what looks the finest, but you should inquire with your dealer about the possibilities. Make sure you have various options available; don’t force yourself to wear a style you don’t adore.

Waterproof lighting

As you have picked an outdoor venue and decided to get married under the sky so you must be prepared for all the mishaps happening. The weather is always unpredictable, and there is no guarantee that it will be clear at your wedding; getting rain is always in chance. But it doesn’t mean you should not get an outdoor wedding. But it’s better if you come prepared. So it’s better to pick waterproof lighting for your big day so that even if it rains, the lights don’t get damaged due to water, and the decorations don’t get ruined.

Budget-friendly lights

Weddings are a costly show, and usually, they cost more than you have planned. Moreover, you have tons of other things to spend your money on that you would not put all out for just lights and decorations. So it’s better to go for little budget-friendly yet superior quality wedding lights

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