How to Choose the Best Commercial Cleaning Company

As offices have started to re-open after the COVID-19 lockdown, the demand for commercial cleaning and disinfection services has increased. Both employees and customers prefer clean and sanitized workplaces. Earlier cleaning offices was enough but now disinfecting surfaces has become essential to keep everyone safe and healthy. A clean office not only keeps employees healthy but also improves the appearance of your company and leaves a good impression on your clients. It increases employee productivity by reducing sick leaves and also tells a lot about your company’s values. Keeping your workplace clean provides several benefits but not all cleaners are skilled to provide quality services. If you want to maintain a clean and sanitary work environment, hiring a reliable cleaning service is of utmost importance.

Some businesses hire in-house cleaners. The in-house cleaning staff is often inefficient and costs more. You need to purchase all the cleaning equipment and supplies besides paying the salary of the cleaners. Even after spending a lot of money, you fail to get the desired level of cleanliness. However, when you hire a commercial cleaning company, you get a cost-effective and high-quality cleaning solution. When looking for a cleaning service, you need to remember that all service providers are not the same. Even if a company advertises offering a wide range of cleaning services, you need to do some research before making a hiring decision. Here are some things to consider when choosing an office cleaning service.

Licensing & Experience

Cleaning services usually don’t need a license but some sort of certification is a good indication of their specialization. If a company has a proper state license and insurance, it means they take their business seriously and are engaged in some training. License and certification mean the company is legit while liability insurance can cover the costs of the accidental damages that could occur during their job.

Cleaning Services & Products

When looking for a cleaning service, check the list of services they offer. Some cleaners specialize in residential cleaning and may not have the commercial-grade tools and staff needed for commercial cleaning jobs. So, make sure you choose a company specializing in office cleaning and provide a complete cleaning solution. From cleaning the reception area and desks to toilet cleaning and garbage disposal, they should provide a comprehensive cleaning package. Also, find out what products and equipment they use. The best office cleaning services use high-quality vacuum cleaners and eco-friendly cleaning products. They should also provide some training to their cleaners to safely handle different surfaces and devices on your premise.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials

You can find multiple companies offering similar services. However, to make the final hiring decision, you should verify their reputation in the community. A company can write thousands of good words about its services on the website. But to find the truth, you need to know the opinion of real people- their past customers. A company that has several client testimonials and positive reviews on Google and Yelp can be a good choice. Besides reputation, you should also check their pricing and availability.

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