How to Choose the Best Curtains for Your Rooms?

Have you purchased your home’s furniture, wardrobes, and kitchen cabinets? Curtains are one aspect of house decor that you simply cannot overlook. The possibilities are unlimited, from light and breezy to heavy and ornate, from simple colours to designs, from sheer materials to heavy opaque coverings. With so many different tracks, materials, and accessories to choose from, selecting the proper decision might be difficult.

Check out these tips on how to pick the best curtains for your room.

  1. Decide the right length

Curtain lengths are calculated by measuring from the rod pocket to the bottom of the fabric, which is where your curtain hangs from the curtain rod. When looking for curtains, instead of searching by length, it’s a good idea to search by keywords. The following are some of the most commonly used terms.

  • Short curtains that just cover a section of the window are known as tier curtains.
  • Apron curtains are drapes that dangle just below the window’s bottom edge.
  • Floor curtains are drapes that reach all the way to the ground. When matched with a rod that is closer to the ceiling, they usually look the best.
  • Puddle curtains are drapes that go all the way to the floor, with some fabric poking out at the bottom. Pair these with a higher-positioned rod once more.

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  1. Picking the right fabric

You’ll have a lot of options in terms of colour and design within each fabric option.

  • Choose sheer or cotton fabrics if you want a lot of light to shine through. Even with a variety of colours, there will be enough natural light.
  • If you want some light but not all of it, linen curtains are a good choice. They have a textured weave that lets in some but not all of it.
  • Choose velvet curtains, which are particularly thick and opaque, if you want to block out all or most of the light. Blackout curtains, which have a specific lining that completely blocks out the light, are another alternative.

Getting the perfect colour

Curtains should preferably match the colour scheme of the rest of the room’s decor. You can either match or contrast the curtains with the rest of the room’s decor. If the rest of the room’s soft furnishings are solid colours, printed curtains can be a popular choice. Likewise, the inverse is true. Prints lend visual weight to any element, so keep that in mind.

As a result, one option to use printed curtains is to combine them with solid-coloured furniture and add printed cushions, area rugs, and other accessories. With a contemporary style environment, you might utilise funny designs and geometric patterns, while florals would go well with modern classic and traditional decor.

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Along with these tips, you should also be wary of your curtain hardware like picking the right curtain rod. There are multiple designs available depending on functionality. With these tips, you can get amazing curtains for every home. Look how the seasons change with this simple change!

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