How To Draw A Cup With Step By Step Tips And Tricks

How To Draw A Cup

How to draw a cup – an ancient large glass or vase for alcoholic beverages. Today they are awarded to athletes for sports achievements. This prize is a cup on a stand, occasionally with handles. Cups come in several sizes, shapes and are making of other materials. Some young artists are interested in the question of how to draw a cup. Not a big deal. A more detailed job description can fund in this article.


When deciding on how to draw a cup, we must first determine the material and technique. There are a few standard options: schedule simple pencil drawing ideas, drawing with colored pencils, painting with watercolors, or gouache. What to choose depends on the skills and tasks. If an artist paints recently and knows precisely how to draw a mug, it is better to stop selecting a simple pencil. Even if you have to make something, it is easy to get through the gum. The basis is to take heavy paper or cardboard. In this case, the finished image can turn into a postcard or be hung on the wall.


In considering how to draw a stage cup, you should pay attention to some specific nuances. First, this sports prize is an entirely symmetrical bowl. It can be a hemisphere or more elongated shapes. Usually, the cup has two handles – for them, the winner can raise his trophy. In addition, the prize is necessarily equipped with a leg stand, and – it must be stable.

You are standing start operation applying the vertical central axis. Around it is a planned circle or ellipse (depending on the chosen cup shape). Then, on the sides of the light line is scheduling on the same handle. Concluding a skeleton, you need to map a leg and a stand. The stand is a square or rectangular member with small thickness. The trophy should be firmly in the space, so you need to keep track of the size of the platform and not draw it too superficial. At the end of the work, all construction lines usually remove. You can apply shading, shadow, or go with the watercolor chart.

Thus, it becomes clear how a pencil to draw a cup.


The challenge is cool drawing a sports cup and standing in front of fans who want to amuse his friend. Always friendly to get confirmation that someone believes in your strength. The design of the sports prize is standard – a bowl with a handle at the base. To supplement this pattern can be sports equipment – soccer balls, basketball equipment, rackets, or other reasons, the best on the subject. Also near the sports cup can represent the winner of a medal pedestal or a bouquet. If you work for an elder of his friend, a sports figure can supplement with a bottle of sparkling wine. It is pleasant to drink any win of his trophy.

Drawing – away to get pleasure from the process and a healthy -finished work as a result. Drawing on sports themes will delight athletes, fans, and people just not interested in art.

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