How To Draw An Apple: Learn To See Beauty In The Ordinary

Art drawing and still, life images require the artist enough perseverance and some knowledge. However, all masters recommend starting with paint ordinary apples. This can be done quickly and in parallel “to fill the hand” for more complex tasks. How to draw an apple pencil or paint? Could you find out about it now?

First, it should be assumed that the transition to painting still lifes is possible only after learning the rules of light and shade and practicing the basic image figures. This – the basics of 3d drawing, without which build in this direction is almost impossible. In this case, we first need to draw a ball – that apple shape is more reminiscent of that piece. In this article, we will perform how to draw an apple pencil and paints.


To learn how to draw an apple, it is best, to begin with, an easy pencil drawing. This will allow you to feel the shape of the fruit, pass it in volume.

  1. Mark the location on the sheet where your apple will be located. Note that this fruit may not be the perfect shape, so normal balls should add “bulges,” curved lines, etc.
  2. Mark the spine. Immediately decide which side of the incident light.
  3. First of all, working in the darkest places (at the opposite end of the apple, the navel near the spine, etc.).
  4. Further work in the penumbra. This – the area under the apple and the space outside the shadow. Shadows and penumbra, on average, occupy about 1/3 of the pattern.
  5. Let the lower edge of the fruit and soft pencil outline (4B) in the plane of the shadow cast of the apple. Shadows are also slowly changing: next to the apple, he will be the most intense, and the distance will gradually fade.
  6. The tone should not be too bright. His transfer using light strokes. “Ribs” apples are indicated by thin strips of a tone darker than the surrounding surface. For example, if the bend is in the penumbra zone, it must be distinguished by color shade.
  7. Slightly darken the area near the edge of an apple, and emphasize the bottom.
  8. Make all colors richer. If you want to paint the walls behind the apple, fruit loops are needed in the dark. Gradually, as well as on the table, the shadow should be inviting. Be sure to leave at the point where the light hits the apple at an angle of 90 degrees, the so-called flare – a small bright spot, beam.


Many are interested to know how to draw an apple color. The circuit arranges the bright and dark parts and the drawing sequence is almost the same. However, several nuances must take into account:

  • To get the picture turned out beautiful, do not limit yourself to the colors you see. For example, if an apple is completely green, you can use different the degree of saturation of colors and mix the main colors yellow, bluish, even red.
  • should not be “afraid” of paint. See your “nature” – now the apple: the nature of color to not stingy. So you shouldn’t. The drawing should look as if it can be vgryztsya teeth and feel the sweet apple flavor.
  • Another rule on how to draw an apple color – not to leave the flare completely white. It should be the lightest shade of pitch (for example, if the red apple can use pale pink or pink-yellow color).
  • No abrupt transition! But to “blur” the whole image is not necessary. Shades should be visible, but if the “flow” from one to another. And to achieve this, one should not be rubbing a wet border brush and successfully applying different colors on top of each other.

As you can see, draw an apple can be very simple! Expectedly, this article will be beneficial to you.

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