How to Live Broadcast Using Wireless Streaming System

The recent rise in live streaming has seen event video production scale to greater heights. TV stations, internet broadcasts, and cable channels use live streaming to produce clear and better communication. But for many content creators, live broadcasting is not as easy as it sounds. It comes with different technicalities that you will need to learn. Below is a guide to live wireless broadcasting.

Equipment Needed for a Live Stream

Setting up a live broadcast is simple when you have the required equipment. Essential things you will need for a successful event video production include a camera, lighting, audio source, and stable internet. You will also need to have knowledge of streaming software and how to use them.

  1. Camera                                 

Whether it is a phone camera or a professional camera, this is the main equipment you will need for your live broadcast. It will capture the footage of the event you want to send live. Ensure it records at least 720 P for quality videos.

  1. Lighting

Good lighting will give your videos a professional look that will engage your audience. You can use natural light or artificial lighting equipment. Find out the correct balance of light without obscuring the features of speakers in your video. 

  1. Audio

In any event video production, audio quality must match the video quality. The camera comes with a built-in microphone to record audio, but it is best to complement it with a handheld mic or a lavalier.  

  1. Capture Card

You will need a capture card for your live broadcast. This small equipment is responsible for transferring video from the source to the Livestream setup. You will use the HDMI cable to transfer the video from the camera to the computer.

  1. Encoder

This is used to convert the raw video into a viewable format for your audience. You may choose a hardware or software encoder depending on your needs.  

  1. Streaming Platform       

Besides the equipment, you will need a streaming platform to broadcast your content. Some platforms can enable you to stream to multiple channels simultaneously.

How to Begin a Live Broadcast

Once you have the equipment mentioned above, you can start your live stream in a few simple steps as follows:

  • Set up your camera to angles that capture the main aspects of your video and connect the audio source to the camera for sound quality.
  • Connect the audio and video sources to the streaming device- a laptop or a PC.
  • Configure your encoder to ensure content is converted into suitable files that match with the platforms you want to share your stream.
  • Ensure the encoder is well connected to your suitable streaming platform. You will use the URL and stream key from the streaming platform.
  • Test your internet speed and perform a Livestream test to ascertain everything is working perfectly. 
  • When everything is perfect, begin your Livestream, ensuring you let it run a few minutes before and after the event.


Event video production involves several technical setups to bring out quality broadcasts. With the right equipment and knowledge, you can easily do this in a few simple steps, as explained above. A few practices will also make your love broadcasts outstanding.  

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