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How to Permanently Delete Your Instagram Account

Eventually, you could feel the need to take a break from social media that isn’t only temporary. There has been a recent uptick in the number of individuals erasing their social media profiles in favour of a life with less of an emphasis on online culture. Deleting your social media accounts may help you live a healthier life, whether you’re attempting to preserve your future career prospects by doing so or you’re simply seeking to use your phone less.

If you’re ready to be done with Instagram for good and reclaim your life, the decision to delete your account is simple to make. Let’s take a look at how to completely remove your Instagram account.

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Save Your Instagram Data before Deleting Your Account

It’s important to create a copy of your Instagram content before you deactivate your account completely out of anger. You won’t be able to re-add anything afterwards, and those memories, connections, and acquaintances might be priceless. When you deactivate your Instagram account, all of your content, including photographs, likes, comments, and friends, will be permanently removed. Here’s what you need to do to secure your account information:

  1. Launch Instagram and choose the user profile icon from the menu.
  2. Select Settings from the drop-down menu that appears when you press the three vertical dots (Menu) in the upper right.
  3. Choose the “Download Data” option under “Security.”
  4. Just type in your email address and click the Request Download button to have the file sent to you.

Instagram will send a full copy of your profile to the address you provide within 48 hours. Your images, comments, profile details, and everything else that you may need access to in the future are all in that email. You may assume you’ll never need this information again, but taking this precaution is crucial in case you ever do. You will lose all of your data if you don’t do this, and no amount of effort will get it back.

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How to delete Instagram on iOS

  1. Launch Instagram on your Apple iPhone or iPad.
  2. To access your account’s settings, just tap your profile image at the bottom right of the page.
  3. Select Settings by tapping the menu icon (three stacked lines) in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Click the Account button.
  5. To permanently remove your account, please scroll down and choose the appropriate option.
  6. Repeat the previous step and choose the Delete account option.
  7. You may make it official by selecting Continue Deleting Account.
  8. Afterwards, the Instagram app will redirect you to the mobile web version of the account cancellation page. Use the pull-down option to specify why you want to cancel your Instagram subscription.
  9. Once you’ve re-entered your Instagram password into the box below, choose Delete [Account name] to permanently remove your Instagram account.

How to delete Instagram on Android

  1. Visit instagram.com from your Android’s mobile browser and sign in.
  2. Once you’re signed into Instagram, visit the account deactivation page.
  3. Use the pull-down option to specify why you want to cancel your Instagram subscription.
  4. Enter your Instagram password again in the new window that opens, and then choose Delete [Account Name] from the menu.

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Is There Any Way to Get My Account Back After Deletion?

So, once you delete your account, there is officially no way to get it back. But some people insist on using a hack, and you’ll learn about it here.

In short, your Instagram account was hacked, and you should follow our lead and report it to Instagram. Take a look at this article for instructions.

  1. If you’re having trouble logging into Instagram, just enter your username or email address and choose the Get assistance signing in option.
  2. Select Login Issues from this menu.
  3. To continue, choose my account was hacked after following the on-screen instructions, which will ask you to pick the sort of account you’d want to restore.
  4. Choose to share more about your story if you’d like.
  5. You should expect an email from Instagram after filling out the forms, which should arrive within a few hours. In the end, you’ll need to verify your identity using information like the photos you’ve submitted to the account, your username, email address, and a verification code.

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Final Word

You may finally give yourself some time away from the constant drudgery of online culture by resetting and deleting your Instagram account for good. Deactivating your account is an option if you need to go away for a bit, but otherwise, erasing everything is the best approach to safeguard your privacy and sanity. Have you ever deleted an Instagram account before? If so, do you have any questions or advice to share?

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