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How to Prepare for Your Next Laser Hair Removal Appointment

Smooth skin has always been synonymous with healthy skin. A fine skin texture will boost your feelings, especially in front of loved ones. That is why individuals are turning to different hair removal approaches to alleviate hair traces from their skin. While traditional techniques like shaving can help eliminate hair, they do not guarantee a permanent remedy. As such, you will spend much of your time seeking regular shaving sessions. Thanks to the advancement of modern technology, you can now permanently alleviate unwanted hair from your skin through New York laser hair removal. Keep reading this article to learn important things you should do before this treatment.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Excessive sun exposure is detrimental to your skin health. For example, it can cause sunspots, increasing skin sensitivity during laser treatment. Further, sunburns can trigger skin discoloration after a laser hair removal procedure. Therefore, you should stay indoors on sunny days two weeks before your appointment. Wear protective clothing like long-sleeved shirts and hats if you must be outdoors.

Suspend Bleaches

Lasers hair removal operates by targeting the hair roots. The roots will absorb the laser beam, thus destroying hair permanently. However, lightening your hair through bleaching agents can alter the pigment within the roots. This instance hinders the capacity of the laser beam to focus on the hair root. When anticipating the laser appointment, you should drop all bleaching for at least six months for your hair to restore its natural color.

Check Your Medications

Are you under medications to suppress underlying health conditions? Giving your laser expert the list of all your medications is a good idea. This exercise will help identify drugs or supplements that can interfere with laser hair removal. For example, some acne medications can increase skin sensitivity, thus exposing you to discomfort during laser treatment. Depending on your medications, the laser technician will adjust the treatment to suit your health needs.

Stop Plucking

Sometimes it can be tempting to pull out the stubborn hair to do away with it. Nonetheless, this is not a good idea since it can remove hair roots. Removing the hair root can intervene with the laser procedure’s success in permanently removing hair. Any hair removal technique that involves pulling out the root of hair should be avoided at least five weeks before the laser appointment. Instead, you should shave your hair to ensure that your hair roots are intact.

Skip Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the known dehydrating agents. The alcoholic compounds can expose your skin to dryness, increasing sensitivity during laser treatment. Further alcohol can heighten skin inflammation after a laser hair removal procedure. Therefore, you should avoid alcohol consumption for at least twenty-four hours before your laser appointment. Embracing the necessary initiatives to quit this habit altogether will benefit your health.

Are you tired of shaving stubborn hair? Many people spend much of their time shaving unwanted hair. Fortunately, laser hair removal can help you alleviate unwanted hair permanently. This way, you improve your skin texture while saving time. Preparing adequately for this procedure is necessary to reap maximum benefits. For example, you should keep your skin out of the sun weeks before your appointment. Discussing your medication with the laser expert is also necessary to avoid possible side effects during laser treatment.

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