How to Sign into Facebook and Twitter in Windows 10

If you transition from a Mac to a Windows 10 PC, one change you’ll notice is how the latter’s operating system handles social network integration. You must now download each network’s app from the Windows Store and log in to it instead of using System Preferences to authenticate into your services.

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The main benefit of logging into these networks via Windows is that it allows significantly quicker online file and picture sharing, in addition to having native applications for Facebook and Twitter. We suggest you to set this up now so that you may take use of it later. Other applications could introduce integrated social sharing features in the future.

You get desktop alerts from social networks after you’re signed in, which is another benefit of signing into Facebook and Twitter on a PC and on OS X. You may turn off these warnings in Windows’ Settings programme if you’d prefer not to get them. Switch off Twitter and Facebook by clicking System, followed by Notifications & activities.

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How to Sign Into Facebook in Windows 10

  1. To access the Start menu, click the Start button.
  2. Select Windows Store from the menu.
  3. Decide on Facebook.
  4. To install the programme, choose Free.
  5. Choose Open.
  6. Enter your password and email address for your Facebook account, then click Login.
  7. To sync (or not sync) your Facebook cover photo and profile image with your Windows account photo and lock screen, choose Yes or No. I’ve previously chosen No since my cover images never scale properly.

Your Facebook account is now logged into your Windows 10 PC!

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How to Log Into Twitter in Windows 10

  1. In the Windows Store search bar, enter “Twitter”. Follow steps 1 and 2 from the previous instructions to launch the Windows Store.
  2. From the list of results, choose Twitter.
  3. Select Install for Free.
  4. Choose Open.
  5. Choose Log in.
  6. Type your username and password for Twitter, then click Log in.

You’re now logged into Twitter through Windows 10!

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How to connect Twitter with Facebook Account Step by step

You may submit the same articles, comments, or tweets on Facebook and Twitter at the same time if you are an avid user of both services. Both social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter, are now more popular than ever before. Twitter has so introduced a new function that allows for open connection with Facebook accounts. As a consequence, if you want, every new tweet you publish on Twitter will instantly appear on Facebook.

Let’s follow below tips to connect twitter with Facebook account –


  • Visit the main page of Twitter and sign in using your Twitter account.
  • When your Twitter account appears on the screen, click the gear icon in the right corner and choose Settings.
  • Select the profile option in the left column of the Twitter settings screen after that.
  • Go to the bottom panel and choose the option to post your tweets to Facebook.


  • Open the website in a new browser tab and log in using your Facebook username and password.
  • Following that, go to the Twitter profile settings page and choose the Facebook sign-in and link your accounts option.
  • You are required to enter your Facebook user name and password in a new pop-up window that appears as a result. Therefore, choose Login with Facebook.


  • You are prompted to provide permission using your Facebook account in a new pop-up window. On the Allow button, click.
  • Afterward, go back to the Twitter settings page and press the save changes option.
  • This results in the saving of new Twitter settings.


You may check your tweets at your Facebook account after successfully connecting your Twitter and Facebook accounts. To perform

  • Create a new tweet from your Twitter account and click the tweet button first.
  • Your Facebook account will now display freshly authored Twitter comments or tweets in a matter of seconds.

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