Important Points that Will Help You Prepare for Board Exams

Board exams are crucial for students as these exams shape the students’ careers. The percentage secured by them in board exams works as a parameter that decides the admissions into prestigious colleges. Also, in many jobs, the board exam marks are considered for shortlisting the candidate, and preferred during the interview. Thus, it becomes essential for students to prepare well for the board exams. The CBSE Board provides required study resources such as syllabus, textbooks, sample papers, previous years’ papers, etc., on their official website. These resources can be accessed free of cost. Students can get class wise sample papers such as CBSE sample paper class 10 downloaded from the board website. It is released before the board exam.

So, to help them, we have provided some crucial points that students must consider during the board exam preparation. These tips will allow them to sail through the journey with flying colours. 

5 Tips to Consider while Preparing for Board Exams

1) Plan your studies

One of the crucial things during exam preparation is to study in an organised manner. Randomly studying any topic from any subject does not yield any fruitful result. Students need to study orderly by following a proper study plan. They should have their study schedule to allocate time for studying each subject. Studying in this way will also help them track all topics they have covered, and which topics they have to study. 

2) Thorough with the syllabus

The syllabus is an essential component that counts into board exam preparation. Students should follow the official syllabus and study according to it. The board releases the CBSE Syllabus for Class 10 and Class 12 on the official website. It contains the topic names, chapter details, and weightage of marks for each chapter/unit students have to study in the academic session. Moreover, it provides information on assessment schemes, project work and practicals. By having a thorough knowledge of the syllabus, students can plan their studies according to it, and thus can score high marks in the exam. 

3) Refer to NCERT books

Students start looking for other books and resources during the board exam preparation. They prefer to study from guidebooks or other books, which provide the material in a short and crisp format to cover the entire syllabus in less time. But doing so does not help them score high marks, as their concepts do not get clear. So, students are advised to prefer NCERT books and study from them. The NCERT books are easy to understand and build a strong foundation for students. Also, the questions in the board exams are asked from the NCERT books. So, studying from them will help students rock in the board exams.  

4) Solve previous years’ question papers and sample papers

Solving the sample papers and previous years’ question papers give a good idea of the difficulty level of the exam questions. By solving them, students can access their exam preparation. By practising last years’ papers and sample papers, they can check how prepared they are to face the board. Students can identify their strong and weak areas, and according to it, they can make the exam strategy that suits them best. 

5) Stay healthy and sleep well

Students are advised to stay healthy and fit. While doing the board exam preparation, students neglect their health. They do not eat properly and do late-night study, due to which the chances of falling will increase. So, students are advised to completely take care of their health, especially during this COVID pandemic interval. They should take proper sleep of 8 hours and do light physical exercises.
Students preparing for their upcoming Class 12 exams should utilise these points to achieve great results. They should solve CBSE sample paper class 12, previous years’ papers, etc.

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