10 Effective Natural Ways to Increase Sperm Count Everyone Should Try

Lower sperm count and infertility are severe problems for men. It reduces the capacity of men to become fathers. Many sexual disorders and psychological factors are the most significant reason for decreasing healthy sperm count in men. Besides this, some past injuries, medical side effects and hormonal imbalance can also reduce the sperm count of men. However, men can increase sperm count by adopting natural ways like healthy food, an active lifestyle, weight management and stress reduction. Apart from this, some vitamins and minerals also improve the sperm count of men. So let’s check some natural ways to improve sperm count in men. 

What Problems Do Men Face Due To Lower Sperm Count? 

Lower sperm count can cause many problems like erectile dysfunction, infertility, pain and swelling testicles area and creates problems in sex drive. It also causes sexual disorders like Dhat syndrome, but it can be curable with the help of the best धातु रोग की अंग्रेजी दवा. Besides this, healthy foods, diet, exercise, yoga and an improved lifestyle can also reduce the chance of infertility in men by improving sperm count. Thus check these ten ways of increasing sperm count naturally below. 

Ten ways of increasing sperm count naturally. 

All these natural ways will work effectively to improve the sperm count of men. These natural ways also help to fight sexual disorders which cause infertility in men. So let’s check them below. 


Exercise is the most acceptable way to maintain body weight. Exercise also helps people to stay active and fit. It is the best way to stay disease-free. In many studies, it was clear that exercise will help the body’s hormonal flow, which helps produce healthy sperm in men. Different exercises also improve the sexual health and performance of men. Some exercises like cardio, kegel, swimming, stretching and planks will improve the overall sexual health and fit with sexual disorders. Therefore, you can do exercises regularly to improve sperm count quickly. 

Ayurveda treatments

Sexual dysfunctions or disorders like erectile dysfunction, Dhat syndromes and low libido will decrease the sperm count of men. It leads to the infertility of men. So some Ayurveda treatments will help get out of these disorders quickly and help increase sperm count. The Ayurveda herbs contain vitamins, minerals and other healthy supplements which provide good sexual health to men. Ayurveda treatment is also helpful in the fertility process of men. Besides this, Ayurvedic medicines have no side effects. So you can adopt this treatment to increase your sperm count quickly. 

Get enough vitamin C

Another natural source which helps increase the sperm count of men is vitamin C. Vitamin C has an antioxidant formula, and it boosts the immunity of every person. Besides this, vitamin C has inflammation properties that help clean the blood, and it also helps in the proper blood flow of the body. Therefore blood will reach the male sex organ, and he will be able to produce healthy and good quality sperms for the fertility process. Vitamin C helps the male sperm by protect it against free radicals in the bloodstream. So eat enough vitamin C rich foods to improve fertility chances. 

vitamin c is one of the vitamins to increase sperm volume

Minimize your stress

Stress can cause erectile dysfunction, less sexual interest, premature ejaculation and Dhat syndromes, and severe sexual disorders in men. These entire sexual disorders can decrease the sperm production of males, which results in infertility. But stress reduction process can fight these sexual disorders and improve the production of sperm in men. Meditation, yoga, talk therapy and psychological therapy will help men reduce stress in life. Besides this, good sleep also works well in reducing stress in life. 

Include vitamin D

Not only vitamin C but also vitamin D is good for sperm health. You can use these vitamins to increase the sperm volume of men, and it also helps you in the fertilization process. According to research, lower levels of vitamin D can cause lower testosterone in men. therefore, vitamin D supplementation is required for healthy sperm production. A high-level vitamin D will increase the motility of sperm and also increase the chance of fertility. So take vitamin D rich food regularly. 

Take fenugreek supplements

Another way to increase sperm count is to take fenugreek supplements regularly. This herb will increase the testosterone level of men and helps in producing healthy sperms in the male sex part. However, it also improves libido and sexual performance and strengthens the pelvic muscles of men. Besides this, fenugreek seeds also fight many sexual disorders like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and low libido problem. So you can use fenugreek powder or fenugreek seeds regularly to increase your overall sexual health with fertility. 

Get enough zinc

Zinc is an essential mineral for our body. You can use zinc for sperm production. Foods like meat, fish and eggs contain a high amount of zinc which is good for the sexual health of men. Apart from this, lower zinc or zinc deficiency can decrease testosterone level, poor sperm quality, and increase fertility risk. Therefore, you must eat enough zinc-rich foods to get healthy sperm. 

Adopt ashwagandha

Additionally, you can use ashwagandha for sperm health. Ashwagandha is an excellent Ayurveda herb which fights different sexual disorders. It also improves men’s fertility by improving the testosterone level of men. Besides this, it also enhances sperm’s motility, muscle strength, antioxidant status and sperm quality at a time. So add ashwagandha to your daily life to improve your sperm health. 

Eat dietary foods

Excessive weight is the biggest enemy of healthy sperm. So every man needs proper weight management for good quality sperm and fertility processes. Dietary foods like nuts, seeds, dark chocolates, eggs, meat, fish and dairy foods can help to increase the overall sexual health of men. 

Quit smoking

Smoking causes stress, depression and anxiety, which decrease the sperm count and also creates different sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido and Dhat syndromes. By avoiding smoking, you can reduce all the stress in your life and get healthy sperm quickly. 

Bottom line

In conclusion, all these natural ways will help you increase sperm count quickly. These are also helpful in maintaining good health. So adopt these healthy ways to improve the fertility chances of men.  read more exciting articles on crazytofind

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