Is it safe to use feminine wash during periods?

Most of the women are confused about how to maintain hygiene down there. Hence, they use feminine wash during periods. But is it safe? Let’s find out.

According to gynecologists, it is most important to maintain the hygiene of the intimate area. Ignoring this can lead to many health problems. A lot of women, driven by TV advertisements and social media, start using intimate wash, also known as feminine wash for the vagina. In fact, sometimes women use feminine wash every time to clean themselves, including when they are on their period. But is it the right practice? Let’s know everything about this from the experts.

Frequently asked questions about feminine wash for intimate hygiene

1. Is it safe to use feminine wash or intimate wash daily?

Feminine wash is used when there is a problem of dryness, itching and burning in the intimate area. Intimate washes also help keep the pH of the vagina at a healthy level, which helps prevent bacterial infections.

Dr Gupta agrees that it can be completely safe to use an intimate hygiene wash daily, but it is used only in cases of vaginal infection or smelling discharge. So, it’s best if you first consult it with your gynaecologist. Apart from it, taking care of your personal hygiene can help you stay safe from infections and growth of unhealthy bacteria.

2. Can you use feminine wash during periods?

According to Dr Gupta, using vaginal hygiene products regularly can be beneficial, but using them during periods can also be a bit harmful. Since using these chemical based products during periods can disturb the natural cleaning process in the vagina. Due to which you can be at risk of getting infection and growing bacteria in the vagina.

3. Is it safe to use soap instead of feminine wash?

“It is not right to use soap to clean the intimate area. Because it can disturb your vaginal flora and pH balance. This can increase the risk of infections and dangerous bacteria growth,” says Dr Gupta.

The job of soap is to keep the pH level of the skin stable. Your skin’s pH is 5.5, while your vagina’s pH level is between 3.8 and 4.5. Therefore, the use of soap can change the pH of the vagina, which can do a lot of damage to vaginal health. So, please avoid soaps.

The expert advised that if soap is being used for intimate wash, then it will be safe to use a mild, colourless and non-fragrance soap.

4. Can avoiding feminine wash be harmful?

If you use soap by avoiding feminine washes, the strong chemicals in soap will disturb the balance of the natural pH level of the vagina.

Avoiding feminine or intimate washes can make it difficult to maintain intimate hygiene. Due to this, many other problems like smell, stickiness, itching and burning can occur. You may also face difficulty in feeling clean and fresh.

All in all, feminine wash is safe and effective to maintain the health of your vagina. However, you should not overuse it and should first consult with your doctor.

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