Know everything about vape juice and e liquids

Vape juice is a slang term for e-liquid that is specially designed to produce an inhalable aerosol vapor to operate with your vaporizer.

What is there in VAPE JUICE? 

The e-essential liquid’s components are vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). VG is often extracted from palm or soy and in many food items, is a primary ingredient. It is dense, slightly sweet, and primarily responsible for producing visible vapor clouds when you vaporize. In many consumer products, including prescription inhalers, PG is thinner, viscous and again a prevalent ingredient. If you have heard the e-liquid is composed of “antifreeze” it is the PG, since it is sometimes applied to the car coolant to make the material less harmful in the event that an animal discovers a spilled puddle of the sweet-smelling liquid on the ground and wants to drink it. Food-grade flavor extract and, optionally, nicotine that is either produced in a laboratory or obtained from tobacco leaves are other e-liquid ingredients.

Liquid is accessible in hundreds of flavors, literally. While there are tobacco- and menthol-flavored blends, these appear to be the least common options among adult ex-smokers by far. The great majority of vapers go for flavor profiles that include fruits, bakery/desserts, sweets, or famous beverage recreations.


Although nicotine is found in many e-liquids, most liquid manufacturers now provide nicotine-free alternatives for consumers trying to minimize their usage of nicotine or those that have already quit using nicotine but want to vape.

A mixture of personal preference and the requirements of your device will be the basis of the PG/VG range. Vapers who prefer a smooth inhalation and thick, fluffy clouds will need a VG-heavy liquid, whilst those who do not care about the creation of clouds but would like to offer more of the “throat hit” fuel cigarettes will aim at liquids with far more PG instead. You’ll likely like an advanced mod with a sub-ohm coil to absorb a lot of VG with no overwhelming your coil, while PG-dominant liquids are finer and will work well in small, low-powered devices like pen vapes, cigalikes and pod mods.

The correct amounts of nicotine differ significantly depending on the device you use the type of nicotine, and how much you actually smoke or have previously smoked. Most consumers will start using 6-12 mg of nicotine per ml of e-liquid for current high-powered advanced devices, while 3 mg less than is more popular for those who’ve been vaping for quite a while. You will ingest less liquid and generate less vapor with smaller cigalike and pod mod systems, so the restricted vapor quantity will be more potent. 

These devices would use a best vape juice at a potency anywhere between five to 20 times as high as a conventional mod, instead of typically extracted nicotine. If you use a system that allows you to pick your own dose of nicotine, it’s always safer to start low and only increase if you have a rough time battling smoking cravings. Once you have fully transitioned to vaping, if your goal is to completely quit nicotine, you can start progressively changing your nicotine intake.

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