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Little-Known Facts Concerning Dermal Fillers

Little-Known Facts Concerning Dermal Fillers

Collagen in your body is crucial in giving your skin a vibrant look. Although collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, as you grow old, it tends to reduce. Defective mechanical stimulation within the aged tissue is a reason behind reduced collagen production. Consequently, the skin structure becomes loose, leading to facial volume loss and wrinkles. These aging signs can hinder your capacity to express your facial emotions.

Thanks to the dermal filler treatments from Integrated Dermatology of 19th Street, you can get off those aging signs and live fully. When anticipating the filler treatment, the facts below will help you understand these treatments.

They Can Either Be Natural or Synthetic

The filler uses different substances when it comes to treating skin concerns. Hyaluronic acid and collagen are some of the substances contained within the fillers. Your body also produces these agents naturally to keep your skin plump. Natural filler treatments will help when your body no longer produces those substances optimally. On the other hand, synthetic fillers such as Sculptra comprises micro polymer agents that are not contained within your body.

Filler Treats Many Areas

Many people seek dermal filler to restore volume loss in their faces. This instance has led to the idea that these treatments are only effective in alleviating facial aging signs. However, the reality is that fillers can treat other body parts, such as hands and ears. In addition to reversing the aging signs, dermal fillers have effectively eliminated acne scars in different body parts. Depending on the body area, the dermatologist will decide the type of filler.

Men Can Benefit From Fillers

At some point in filler treatment history, people thought only women could seek these treatments. However, there have been paradigm shifts relating to these notions. The number of men seeking fillers to enhance their skin is increasing in modern days. However, unlike women, many men prefer non-hyaluronic fillers to avoid a puffy look. Anyone can achieve a refreshed look through filler treatment, irrespective of gender.

The Results Are Temporary

When seeking any cosmetic treatment, it is good to research the longevity of the results. For the dermal fillers, the results last for around five to eighteen months. Therefore, you need to have realistic expectations to avoid disappointments afterward. Nevertheless, combining filler treatments and botox can slow down the decomposition of injectables. This way, you will prolong the longevity of these treatments. Avoiding extreme exercises is also recommended to avoid faster breakdown of fillers.

The Expertise of the Filler Provider Matters

It is no secret that filler treatments have minimal side effects. In most cases, you will notice mild bruising that usually resolves after a few days. However, you could be prone to serious complications if you do not get the correct injectable amount. Therefore, you should seek filler treatment from a properly trained dermatologist. This measure will assure you of smart results alongside little to no side effects.

Collagen production usually reduces as you age. Consequently, your skin becomes loose, exposing you to volume loss and wrinkles. Although aging is irreversible, filler treatments can help alleviate those signs. You can restore your youthful look if you have these concerns in your neck, face, or hands. Seeking fillers from skilled professionals will help avoid complications during and after the procedure. While the results are temporary, combining filler with Botox can help prolong the results.


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