Major Benefits of On-Farm Grain Storage

With ever-rising competition in the agriculture sector, farmers keep looking for ways to maximize their profit. And as a result, many crop growers are investing in on-farm grain storage solutions. The primary purpose of on-farm grain storage is to seek the benefit of grain harvest logistics. It provides farmers the flexibility of selling when buyers demand and increase profitability. With on-farm crop storage, farmers get the freedom to sell grain throughout the year when prices are highest. The traditional method of commercial grain storage makes farmers dependent and they simply keep their fingers crossed hoping for the best each harvest. Farmers have to bear an additional cost of transporting grain to a mill or elevator for drying, shrink, storage, handling, and other operations. But storing grains on their own farm can save this extra cost. As a result, commercial storage is being replaced by on-farm grain storage because of the benefits it offers. Farmers can install premium quality grain bins on their farms for storing dry grains. So, if you’re still confused about investing in grain bins, here are some amazing benefits of installing on-farm grain storage bins.

Financial Gain

On-farm crop storage provides multiple benefits but financial gain is the top advantage of using grain bins. Installing grain storage bins on the farm reduces the operational costs of transportation and logistics. With an on-farm storage solution, farmers no longer need to transport crops to off-site grain elevators. During the harvest season, the freight costs are hiked which puts pressure on the farmers. Besides saving transportation costs, it also helps farmers overcome market challenges. It gives them control over crop sales to compete in fluctuating market prices. Selling grains during harvest isn’t profitable because high supply results in lowering the prices. But if farmers have on-farm grain bins, they can dry and store surplus crops and wait for the time when prices rise. This can help in stabilizing the income of farmers.

Protection against Unpredictable Weather

When it comes to weather, there’s nothing one can do. It is impossible for farmers to accurately predict the weather and keep their grains safe against natural disasters like floods. However, grain bins can help in preserving crops by providing a space to store grains in proper condition throughout the year. To protect crops from moisture, frequent drying helps in preserving the grains. The dried grains are then stored in a cool, aerated space to keep them safe. Without on-site storage solution, it will be difficult for farmers to immediately transfer grain after drying to prevent moisture damage. The best grain bins also have an in-bin drying system to control moisture while storing grains on-farm. With on-site storage, farmers can also harvest early in the season.


Besides financial benefits, installing grain bins on-farm also makes things easier for the farmers. There is no need to wait in the long lines at the grain elevator. It also reduces loading time that can be used for working in the field. In addition to this, the stored gains help in feeding animals.

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