Marble: The Countertop that Brings Personality to Your Home Now and In the Future

Legacy Marble & Granite

Have you avoided looking at marble as an option for your custom counters because you think of the stone as an unapproachable material that only belongs in museums? At Legacy Marble & Granite, we offer a wide variety of stunning marbles that break away from the perception of untouchable white.

Marble: The Approachable, Warm Choice for Your Custom Countertops

We travel across the globe in search of new stones that perfectly complement a contemporary kitchen or bath built in Lima, including unique slabs of marble. Marble is a softer stone that often has a silky feel to the touch. It invites you to run your fingers across its softly gleaming surface while supporting your busy lifestyle. Explore some of the stones we have on display at our Findlay, OH showroom.

Jupiter: Bold Stripes in Swirling Organic Colors that Bring Life to Your Space

Bring warm tones of gold, rust, light blue, and black into your home. Parallel striations run the length of the slab with large inclusions of dramatic black that provide resting points along the way. This unique stone lends your room a smart, upscale appearance in an inviting and durable kitchen countertop.

Bela Costa: Dark and Mysterious with a Soft Sheen

Are you going industrial for your loft open concept kitchen? Our Bela Costa marble explores dark caves and deep oceans with its rich tones of black and gray stirred together with hints of rusty orange. Against a backdrop of walnut cabinetry, distressed floors, and clear bulb fixtures, it distracts the eye with its chaos.

Portinari: Exploring Trending Shades of Gray in a Vibrant and Touchable Surface

When searching for a marble to support your soothing design of off-white cabinets and bright pops of accent colors, Portinari features a neutral canvas of light and dark grays in a mobile landscape. Follow the swirls of clouds as they skitter across the counter. There is nothing staid or serious about this marble.

Shadow Storm: The Clouds are Clearing and Putting the Spotlight on Your Crisp White Cabinets

You are committed to a sharp and crisp decor with white cabinets, white tile, and white flooring. The light gray disturbance of our Shadow Storm marble will provide definition in your single-color backdrop without distracting with bright or vivid colors. Anchored by stainless steel appliances, your kitchen will wrap you in a cool and contemporary feel.

Caring for Your Marble is as Easy as Wiping Up a Spill

Maintain that like-new kitchen counter longer by using Supreme Surface┬« Granite Cleaner & Conditioner every day. We recommend this product as it maintains a good seal on your marble simply by wiping it with a damp cloth. You will want to use cutting boards and hot pads to minimize scratches. But over time, your marble will develop a patina, like soft aged leather that tells the story of your home and kitchen.

Discover more to love about marble in all of its unique and wonderful iterations by visiting the Legacy Marble & Granite showroom. We are proud to continue serving the kitchen and bath custom countertop needs for our neighbors in Lima and Perrysburg, OH.

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