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Landmark Group of Dubai had envisaged a different approach for men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing and fashion and thus was born the Max Fashion. Established in 2004, Max Fashion has spread across Middle East and South East Asia, and later expanded to North Africa. A different class and style of clothes are produced by Max Fashion under its own brand name, apart from displaying products of other renowned brands.

Apart from clothing, Max Fashion has also added home needs like decorative products, living and bedroom furnishings, kitchen and bathrooms needs, footwear, beauty products and accessories. While fashion clothing has been included, you don’t find too gaudy clothes. Clothing styles from elsewhere across the world has been incorporated in Max Fashion’s designs, to give unique fashion style and statement to the items.

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Kimonos and Shrugs

Kimonos are native to Japanese culture. Therefore, though considered to be a formal wear, of late, designers have brought out unique designs to make the kimono a fashion icon. A kimono is a wrapped around clothing with the left side overlapped on to the right and the wrap opens up on the front right side. The wrap forms a T shaped structure, with the body in rectangular shape and the sleeves are squared. Bearing a close look to cardigans and shrugs, there are slight changes between each of them.

Shrugs are similar to cardigans, where, a cardigan is like a jacket or a sweater with full sleeves and is open in the front, often fastened by buttons or a zipper or one can wear it keeping the front open. Shrug on the other hand looks similar to a cardigan but are open in the front and cropped up to the bust, with ruffles along the collars or the sides. Shrugs can be sleeveless or with sleeves, full or short, and modern-day shrugs come in various designs including calf-length or waist-length.

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Solid Sleeveless Shrug with V-Neck Belt

The solid sleeveless shrug is a little above the knees in the front while little above the thighs at the back. The front of the shrug extends from the collars down to the knees, while the collar lapels end at the midriff just above the belly button, giving a matured look. A stripe of cloth belt runs across at the lapel end level that helps fasten the wrapped around shrug with a bow tie. The sleeveless shrug can be worn on any type of clothing with full sleeves. Slightly contrasting colors between the shrug and the inner clothing helps it give richer look.

Printed Open-Front Kimono with 3/4 Sleeves

Looks kimono in style! This kimono is worn open in the front. The lapels run down waist-length right from the collars. Since it is left open in the front, there are no loops and belt to tie up or wrap the front. The sleeves are wide, neither short nor full nor till the elbow level but three-fourth. And that gives a beautiful expression of style. Overall, this kimono is impressive with its design pattern printed all over. Worth its presence on your wardrobe!

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Floral Print Kimono Shrug with 3/4 Sleeves

This wonderful piece of clothing is a stylish icon. Should we call it a kimono with shrug like the look or a shrug looking like a kimono!? Well, it is a shrug in kimono style! The sleeves are wide like that of a kimono but only three-fourth in size. This garment is open in the front and the lapel runs full-length waist to waist through the collar. Fully filled with floral prints, the shrug definitely looks more like a kimono. It can go with any of the tops and worth for fashionable wear. Overall, Buy this shrug to give you a vibrant coloured kimono too!

Solid Trench Coat with Long Sleeves and Button Detail

Moreover, What is this? A shrug? A Kimono? No! It is a trench coat that looks like a shrug. A differently designed trench coat that can work as a wraparound shrug and is lengthy up to the knees. With a waist level tie-up to fasten, the coat has a buttoned opening on the sides down from the waist. With three-fourth length sleeves, the trench coat is worth the approval for this winter.

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