Modern Technology Garage Doors

It is astonishing how technology can be curated and implemented in several ways, including communication, automation, healthcare, mechanics, testing, robotics, wireless operation, engineering, commerce and even in our homes. The impact of technology has achieved the simplest things like garage doors. A decade ago, nobody would have thought to operate the entrance and exit from garages through remote control. All credit goes to the garage door specialists who have developed this mechanism and made the impossible possible. If you’re looking to install the latest technology garage door, this article will help you. Be it a home garage or a commercial one, with the touch of modern robotics, you can turn them into automation with these latest advancements in garage doors system.

Solar Panel Garage Doors

Environmentalists find natural arrangements for every human requirement, and garage doors are no different. This time they have come up with a garage door made from solar panels. It sounds very astonishing to know that a door can be made from solar panels and gets charged through sunlight. This technology works for electric cars. Electric cars are getting popular as the world is shifting more towards saving the environment and less on gas consumption. The solar panel garage doors store and preserve the sunlight in the form of energy throughout the day, and by the evening, they charge the vehicle without any emissions. Once you reach home, you just have to plug your car into the reserved energy to renew it for the upcoming day.

This method doesn’t require electricity or gas or any other limited resource, making it a top choice for people. You just need solar panel insulated garage doors and lots of sunlight that is available throughout the day. Even though it is not extensively available yet, it is undoubtedly the future. The only limitation for this facility is that you may have to charge your vehicle through direct electricity on cloudy days. The areas that hardly have sun should not go for this automation. Overall it is a sustainable and efficient method.

Sensor Garage Doors

With an automatic system and the sensors around the gates, the doors detect the objects that come between when doors are about to shut. Through this, the sensors alert the owners to remove anything blocking the way. It is the best safety feature for garage doors, especially for small kids at home. 

Insulated Garage Doors

Like the insulated walls, the insulated garage door also has additional layers of steel and insulation materials. An attached garage with your property is a big opening to your home, and it delivers the most considerable amount of heat loss or cold air when the door is opened. It directly affects the energy efficiency of the building. R-value accounts for your garage door’s thermal ability to block the cold or hot air from entering your home as per the requirement. The higher the R-value, the more will be the insulating power. For higher insulation power, choose a high R-value garage door. Insulated garage doors have some benefits too.

  • Saves energy
  • Durable
  • Maintains garage temperature
  • High inside protection 
  • Increase home value
  • Saves on energy cost

Remote Control Garage Doors

A remote garage door opener sounds like the best feature for the garage till date. How tough is it to constantly come out of the car to open and close your garage door? This technology comes with a system where you have to click the remote to open and shut the doors; the operation is that simple. You can keep the remote in your car. 

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