Must-Do activities on the 5th Avenue Playa Del Carmen

Being a renowned tourist attraction of Mexico, 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen is a hotbed for top-notch retailers, restaurants, bars, local stores, and cafes.

Most of the drama takes place on a three-mile stretch of land called Quinta Avenida. The pedestrian walkway runs parallel to the beach, making it a perfect activity that tourists enjoy for hours. While walking, you should look for street performances, from fire breathers to musicians, dancers, and painted mimes. And, do not avoid going ahead of Fifth Avenue. If you have time, then do check out stores and restaurants beyond.

You can simply reach 5th Avenue by booking a private transfer to Cancun airport transportation. Just choose a reliable company to make your booking, and your conveyance will be waiting outside the airport to take you to your destination in a relaxing and peaceful way. You should plan your trip to Fifth Avenue with so many things to enjoy and do. Here’s a must-do list for you:

Enjoy a bite: While exploring Quinta Avenida, you’ll surely smell food and tickle your appetite most amazingly. Most of the restaurants on the stretch are priced higher than those on the stretch. But if you want to experience the ambiance and vibrance of the place, choose El Muelle or 500 Gramos Grill or try Club de la Cerveza. You can enjoy seafood, Italian, or any small bite of your preference here.

Check out the 12th Street Bars: Do you plan to spend your evening on 5th Avenue? If yes, you can simply go off the Quinta Avenida and reach 10th street with maximum bars and clubs. The place has a great nightlight. You’ll find some amazing bars between the 5th and 10th Avenues, such as L’ambassade, Bar Ranita, or Don Mezcal. There’s a pub crawl to enjoy the best bars, drink unlimited drinks, and you can sit there till 5 am.

Explore the stores: You will find all stores from Forever 21 to Zara, Harley Davidson to Lacoste piled here on Fifth Avenue. The place has all modern and unique brands. And, this is not it; it also has some amazing locally made goods to collect as souvenirs. 

You can go for beautiful blankets, alcohol, and painted ceramic items if you need authentic and good-looking souvenirs. Apart from this, you have two big shopping centers on Fifth Avenue- Paseo del Carmen and Quinta Alegria. With Fifth Avenue expanding, you can explore many First Avenue and 10th Avenue stores.

Parque Fundadores: The public park has many tourist attractions. Check out the Portal Maya 2012 bronze statue, Nuestra Senora del Carmen Church, Mayan Dancers, and Papantla performers. 

Appreciate the Mayan Ruin: You can check out the Mayan history while shopping. You will find some amazing small ruins between 12th and 14th street on Fifth Avenue.

Visit L’Aquarium: The gigantic aquarium has over 10000 animals just off Fifth Avenue. 

If you’re staying in Playacar Palace, reaching 5th Avenue involves a good booking. Choose private transportation Cancun to Playa del Carmen to reach your location hassle-free and conveniently. 

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