New Trends for Food, 2022

Year after year, Papa Johns’s loyal customer base knows that this is one establishment that never disappoints; it’s an excellent option for family meals and friendly get-togethers alike. Customers have come to know and love them for their famous seasonal pizzas, specialties and sides. In addition to your other cold-weather favorites — like cozy sweaters and bonfires — you can look forward to Jack-o-lantern & football shaped pizzas for this fall season. Don’t wait for all the leaves to fall to go check out Papa Johns pizza and sides.

This Football Is Pepperoni-Topped Deliciousness

At some restaurants, it can be challenging to please everyone’s palette, especially during large get-togethers. Papa Johns has a wide selection of pizza styles and toppings to make even the pickiest eater happy. After all, who doesn’t like pizza? And, who can resist a football shaped pizza that’s sure to liven up the big game for your favorite football fanatics? Not only is this pizza the unique Papa taste you love, but this is one delicious decoration. The pie is a thin, crispy football-shaped crust covered in tangy marinara, layered with stringy mozzarella cheese and topped off with tons of Papa Johns’s signature pepperoni. This fun and spicey addition will excite you and your guests as you celebrate the kick-off of the much-anticipated football season.

A Jack-O-Lantern Pizza Is the Perfect Addition to Your Halloween Event                 

Halloween is all about dressing up as creepy characters and devouring sweet treats. A Jack-o-lantern pizza will be the perfect addition this year, whether you’re having dinner with the family before your little ones go door-to-door or having a full-blown Halloween party. With the return of autumn, Papa Johns has brought back their famous Halloween pizza. This pizza is not only gooey and delicious, but it’s also scary cute. The unique Jack-o-lantern-shaped crust is covered with melty mozzarella, topped off with an abundance of spicy pepperoni to form a funny face.

All Your Favorite Pizza Toppings Baked Without the Crust

Everyone has their own idea of what toppings make up a perfect pizza. What if you could get it in a different form, though? Papa Johns professionals combine all your favorite pizza toppings and bake them in a bowl. This new creation is called a Papa Bowl, and it’s essentially a pizza without the crust. This is the perfect meal for situations where dining space is restricted. If you want something more compact than a pizza, say for eating lunch at your desk on a busy day, the Papa Bowl is perfect. Break out of your usual lunch routine with a Papa Bowl that’s sure to please. Choose from Papa Johns expertly crafted bowls, or build your own bowl from the restaurant’s many available toppings.

Make this fall your best one ever with all your favorite cold weather activities and treats. Remember to routinely include mouthwatering, fresh piping hot pizzas and Papa Bowls from one of America’s favorite pizza chains. You deserve a break from cooking. Go online today to order your next flavorful feast.

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