Pin Parvati Trek: Beginners Guide

To begin with, the prospect of adventure entails the presence of risk. There is no adventure if the element of danger and the unknown is removed. In fact, the whole idea of engaging in outdoor exploration and adventure sports is to get away from the security of routine, try new things, and return safely. The Pin Parvati Trek is one of Himachal Pradesh’s most captivating and challenging walking treks. The breathtaking scenery on this walk will make you forget about the difficulties it presents. Witness the snow-capped mountain summits of the great Himalayas as you cross the expanding Parvati Valleys through the Spiti Valley. Begin your journey from Barsheni to the stunning Khirganga and Tunga Bhuj, departing from the gorgeous Kullu. On the other side, even the most cautious individual will agree that safety involves risk assessment and management helped by accurate knowledge and skill gain, rather than risk avoidance. If safety implies avoiding all danger, we will be unable to accomplish things that are necessary in our daily lives. Don’t get behind the wheel. Take a train instead of flying. Avoid taking public transportation. In India, road traffic accidents are among the top 10 major causes of death. The lesson is that while safety cannot be guaranteed, procedures and preparedness can considerably lower the danger. Precaution, on the other hand, does not imply that you should stop investigating. The breath-taking districts of Thukarkuan and Mantalai necessitate acclimatisation before your flight to the Mantalai Lake, which will awaken your serene senses. With its views of mountains, snowfields, and rocky bridges, the much-anticipated Parvati Camp Site and the Pin Base Camp welcome you. Enjoy the vibrant colours of the flowers and the vigour of the mountains, while roaming along the Pin Valley National Park’s perimeter will allow you to spot fascinating species. The memories of this breathtaking Pin Parvati Trek will leave you feeling rejuvenated and provide you an interesting experience as you make your way via Wichkurung Thatch and forward to Kaza.

HOW TO REACH- The adrenaline-pumping trip through the Pin and Parvati Passes begins at Kullu-starting Manali’s point. Manali is easily reached by rail, road, and air. You may take a flight to Bhuntar Airport, which is 52 kilometres from Manali, from major towns such as New Delhi and Chandigarh. To get to your beautiful destination, a variety of taxi services are available. You can alternatively take a train to Manali’s Joginder Nagar Railway Station, which is 166 kilometres away. However, from here to Kullu, one must travel by road. The National Highway’s gorgeous winding bends provide for an amazing road trip to Manali. If you start in New Delhi, this journey will take you roughly 12-14 hours. Various Volvo, luxury, and state-operated buses run on a regular basis between these routes. 

BASE CAMP- This incredible trekking adventure begins in Manali and continues through numerous enchanting landscapes to the beautiful basecamp of Barsheni. The area above Barsheni, once known as ‘Waziri Rupi’ in the early 1800s, was rich in silver before falling victim to exorbitant mining expenses of extraction and transportation. From Barsheni, the hydel power project over the Parvati River can be seen in all its glory. It used to be a beautiful little settlement surrounded by nature, but now it’s just a shabby collection of huts. The mountain ranges ascending to the Pin Parvati Pass with its lush woods of oak, silver fir, and pine trees may be seen from this minuscule hamlet. The famed Parvati Valley Trek begins from Barsheni, which is the last motorable road.

BEST TIME TO VISIT- Kullu-Manali is surrounded by beautiful Himachal Pradesh mountain ranges and, as a result of the unusual elevation at which it is colonised, it offers excellent trekking experiences. According to experts, the best months to visit are May/June through September/November. During this season, there are two windows: one from the final two weeks of June to the first week of July, and the other from September to November, when the first snowfall usually occurs during the first week of October. During the winters, the temperature is quite important, but the warmer days between June and September make this walk an unforgettable experience for trekkers. Apart from trekking, Kullu offers a variety of intriguing attractions.

ELEVATION POINTS- Through the Pin and Parvati Pass Valleys, this incredible hiking excursion provides a breathtaking view of the Himalayas. You will begin your walk from the town of Barsheni, which is located at a height of 2200 metres, and proceed to the sulphur springs at Khirganga, which are located at a height of 3020 metres. Continue on to Tunda Bhuj, which has birch forests at an elevation of 3285 metres. At 3620 metres, Thakur Kuan will amaze you with its mesmerising waterfalls, meadows, and lakes. At a height of 4115 metres, Mantalai awaits your arrival to experience the tranquil Mantalai Lake. From this point, the path further passes through the Pin Parvati Pass(4300 meters) and leads to the basecamp, the snowfields of Pin Pass (4110 metres), and the treacherous Pin Parvati Pass (5319 metres). Before returning to Manali, descend to Wichkurung Thach at 3700 metres and burst through Mud at 3650 metres.

THINGS TO CARRY- Trekking shoes of good quality that can be used to cross a stream Trekking shoes of good quality that can be used to cross a stream – Heavy fleece clothing – Heavy fleece clothing Winter jacket and waterproof coat – Trekking pants – Torch – Whistle – Covers to keep used/wet gear – Sunglasses – Woollen cap, gloves, etc. – Lotion for sun protection and other toiletries – A bottle of water Personal medication – Trekking pole – First aid kit – Knife, Swiss.
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