Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Laptop With A Samsung Tablet

For many people, investing in laptops is not the best option in this fast-paced lifestyle. Not only can it be challenging to carry a laptop around while commuting, but also there are limitations in features, usability, and cost. Owing to this, a lot of people switch to using tablets instead. However, with the wide range of tablets and laptops available in the market, making a decision can be pretty confusing. Hence, to assist you in making your choice, we have listed reasons you must switch to a tablet.

Choosing A Tablet To Replace Your Old Laptop

Galaxy Tab S7 series is the Latest Samsung Tablet options available, within a reasonable budget and full of useful features. Compared to the past Android tablet offerings of Samsung or other brands, the Galaxy Tab S7+ meets both software and hardware expectations.

 Two models are available with varying screen sizes (11 inches and 12.4 inches), with large touchpads and a 5G capacity. Other notable specifications include 8GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor support, solid metal/glass form factor, and AMOLED display capability.

Reasons To Replace Your Laptop With A Samsung Tablet

Here are the main reasons you should switch to using a Samsung tablet over your current laptop. 

1. Book cover-like keyboard

In terms of usability, a tablet can provide a better ergonomic typing experience than a laptop would. The Samsung tablets have a book cover keyboard feature, expanding into a big usable touchpad. This structural component has a responsive interface with integrated gestures for a better typing experience. The keypad in the S7+ tab version includes an additional DeX key and other functional keys.

2. Seamless multitasking

Laptops are useful for carrying out different tasks, but not every model or system supports a multi-window view. The Galaxy tablets have better multitasking capabilities due to integrated innovations like the Multi-Active Window. Through this, you can use the different apps you have open on a side-by-side view on screen.

3. Strong battery life

One of the notable qualities of the Tab S7 and S7+ versions of the Samsung Galaxy tablets is the battery life. The former promises a battery life of around 15 hours while the latter ensures approximately 14 hours. For long-term office work, this long-lasting battery quality would highly benefit users. Plus, despite advanced features that take up a lot of power, the tablet would run for a longer period without lagging.

4. High-level connectivity

Laptops have additional features like BlueTooth and WiFi in terms of connectivity, but so do tablets. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 has WiFi 802.11ax specifically, ensuring a fast internet connection and long-term movie watching experience with zero lagging. To note, this tab is the first of its kind to have 5G cellular connection capability as well. This ensures effortlessly fast data speed and reliable connection.

5. Robust internals

One of the main reasons people Buy Tablet Online is that they expect the product to have good internals. Features like its RAM power and Snapdragon 865 Plus processor integration help manage the more complex app functions. Additionally, you would get more storage in the tablet as well. There is a standard of 256GB available, which can expand to 1TB approximately if you use the micro-SD card slot in place.

6. Advanced security

One of the main points where the Galaxy S7 Tab surpasses laptops is in the matter of security. The former device type includes features like fingerprint sensors. Plus, the Tab S7+ version has an in-display reader as well. Other notable security benefits include Samsung Knox integration with MDM solutions for device security.

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