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Reasons You Should Visit an Orthopedic Clinic

Orthopedic injuries are common conditions that affect most people resulting from sports injuries, health problems, and car accidents. These injuries can adversely affect your overall well-being as daily activities become challenging. Therefore, it is essential to visit an orthopedic clinic to receive early diagnosis and treatment. Several individuals have been choosing Ortho 1 Medical Group to receive early treatment for devastating problems. Receiving early diagnosis and treatment allows your body to recover faster, enabling you to return to your daily activities. The following are reasons you should visit an orthopedic clinic.

Sprains and Strains

A sprain happens when your ligament is partially or fully torn, while a strain occurs when your muscle or tendon experiences similar damage. Ligament links bones to their bones while tendons link muscles to bones. Strain complications mainly happen if you overuse certain muscle groups, have poor posture, and have recurrent forceful movements. Some common signs include tingling, stiffness, and tenderness around the region. These injuries can also be painful; thus, you need treatment from comprehensive orthopedic specialists.

Repetitive-Motion Injury

Current day jobs requiring you to spend several hours on computers or recurrent motions put you at risk of repetitive-motion injuries. These occupations include gardening, cleaning, painting, manufacturing, and hairstyling. Individuals who stay physically active lifestyle are also prone to this injury. Fortunately, visiting an orthopedic clinic will allow you to meet experienced specialists who diagnose and treat these injuries. They will also make prescriptions on how you can prevent these injuries.

Lower Back Pain

More adults experience lower back pain at some point. Sometimes the pain can be a dull ache or sharp pain. Several causes can contribute to lower back pain, including lifting heavy tools, a sedentary lifestyle, and age-connected spinal variations. In most instances, lower back pain stays for some days or weeks and then disappears. If your pain is persistent, you should schedule a visit to an orthopedic institution to confirm the cause of your ongoing pain.

Hip Replacement

Sometimes your hip can lead to pain when carrying out daily activities, or other conservative treatments are ineffective. As a result, the last resort might be hip replacement surgery. An orthopedic surgeon replaces your diseased or damaged hip with an artificial joint. If you are healthier and active before the surgery, you have more chances of seeing results quickly. Several individuals with this surgery notice reduced pain and surged movement ability enabling them to enjoy boosted quality of life.


Regardless it impacts your knees, hands, or shoulders; you should receive treatment for arthritis from an orthopedist to prevent it from worsening into a severe condition. Arthritis is common among older people and athletes, although everyone can get it. Your orthopedist can offer mechanisms to help your stiffness and pain at bay. As a result, you will be able to enjoy an active lifestyle. If you have severe arthritis, your specialist must recommend surgery.

If left untreated, orthopedic injuries are detrimental to your overall well-being. They can prevent you from carrying or engaging in your favorite activity and live a physically inactive lifestyle. Therefore, if you have or suspect symptoms of orthopedic concerns such as pain, tenderness, and stiffness, you should schedule a visit to an orthopedic care clinic. At these centers, you will find experienced and certified orthopedic specialists determined to solve your concern. They will perform examinations to select the right treatment, from physical therapy, medication, and painkillers to surgery.

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