Robert Wayne Pearce: Reaping the Benefits of Arbitration

Benefits of Arbitration

As a renowned American trial attorney, Robert Wayne Pearce has spent more than 40 years excelling at handling various arbitration proceedings of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and managing the federal and state court security litigation matters as well. 

Arbitration is a common method used in law which resolves disputes without the need to go to court. When there are times when cases can easily be solved without the need of a judge, a lawyer will recommend arbitration as the ideal course of action to their client. Hence, the case is then taken under the hands of the third party, or you can say, the lawyer who will work towards resolving the case after hearing the presentation given by both the concerning parties. 

He is an investment fraud lawyer who has represented investors in many notable cases that included Friedlander v. Margaretten Securities Corporation, Gary and Lisa Friedman v. Merrill Lynch, American Television and Communications Corp. v. American Communications and Television Inc., and more. 

Pearce is the founding partner and securities arbitration lawyer at the Law Office of Robert Wayne Pearce– a firm that represents their clients on commodities, investment fraud, and securities that range in the practice areas of courtroom litigation, arbitration, and mediation proceedings. Due to his intensive training over four decades within this field, he has been able to fine-tune his attorney skills and bring justice to investment fraud that has significantly improved the stock market industry. 

And the benefits that came about through his aid did more than just eradicate the corruption within the system, but it also brought about a number of benefits discussed below.

Choosing the One Who Makes the Decision 

Most parties tend to opt for arbitration as it is an easier way to go about and properly clear up a dispute. Plus, it has also won the favor of the disputed parties for being able to select their decision-maker. 

They can pick out an arbitrator who has experience with the specific case construction. And like Pearce, if you have extensive knowledge in your field of work, more people will be willing to ask for your guidance on their legal issues. Plus, the arbitrator has the time to assess and decide the dispute at their convenience, whereas in a court proceeding, the docket is usually dominated by a divorce, a criminal, or a personal injury case. 

An Affordable Procedure 

Arbitration is considerably less expensive as compared to going to a court and paying a witness to come to testify at the trial. 

Moreover, there are even cases where both parties end up splitting the arbitrator’s fee is equal costs. Additionally, the parties don’t have to spend extra money to get the court prepared for their trial. This can also be due to the fact that a case for arbitration has simple requirements that can easily be met. However, a trial method can be more taxing- for example, if the witnesses include a number of experts outside the state, it will take a considerable amount of money to convince and bring them over to the trial. 

Arbitration is a simple yet thorough inspection of the dispute and effectively closes the case based on specific evidence, accurate analysis, and a sound judgment- all the qualities possessed by Pearce which led him to become one of the most highly acclaimed attorneys within the professional sector.   

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