Simple Customization to Make Your Blank Cigarette Boxes More Elegant?


The use of blank or plain packaging was introduced in Australia. But the question is, why was it needed? There are more than one billion smokers around the world. But at the same time, we cannot overlook the effect of smoking. And so blank packaging was used to make a product look less flashy. And it was done to avoid the younger generation from approaching these products.

But what exactly does plain packaging include? And what are these boxes different from other boxes?

These packaging boxes differ in every way. You must have noticed that cigarette packages look modest. And many boxes only include their brand name on the box. The reason? The seller has to follow the guidelines if they want to continue to sell their products. What other things do you need to know about these packaging boxes? Let us discuss how to customize your blank cigarette packages to make them more elegant.

The Packaging Material Used to Manufacture Blank Cigarette Boxes:

There are various packaging materials in the market. And each one of them differs in one way or another. But the real problem begins when we have to choose a package for our product. How could we realize which box would be more suitable? And what feature should we acknowledge in a box? Let us discuss the packaging boxes getting used for cigarettes for better understanding.

1.   Cardboard:

Cardboard was discovered in 1817, but since then it has received popularity all over the world. Cardboard packaging is considered to be best for cigarettes as they are organic and secure. These boxes do not let any moisture, radiation, or harmful chemicals enter the box. Meanwhile, they are also 100% organic which does not react negatively with the product.

2.   Paperboard:

Apparently, paperboard packaging is very much famous among sellers. People prefer to use this material as it is foldable. Other than that, it is also organic, sturdy, secure, and customizable. In short, it has every feature a perfect box should contain.

How to manufacture luxurious cigarette packets?

If you want to turn your simple boxes into luxurious ones then use the high-quality box. Do not compromise on quality of cigarette box packaging. If the packaging is flimsy, your product would not take a time to go soggy. Other than that, customize the box with the right methods. And overlap it with lamination to provide that extra protection.

Options to Customize One Box:

Among the long list of how to customize a box, here are a few effective methods.

  • Customize them with modern printing methods that use organic ink.
  • Laminate the boxes to avoid any problem with the products. Meanwhile, it acts as the add extra protective layer in the box.:

Importance of Brand Logo On the Box:

The importance of the brand logo on our blank cigarette boxes cannot be overlooked. It plays a crucial role in today’s society. Do you think that you could ever impress a customer without a logo? If you think so, then you are wrong. The very first thing a person does while starting a business is to get themselves a logo. But the logo is not only limited to businesses. These days a blogger would want a logo for their profile. A social media influencer also has unique trademarks. It is safe to say that our logo acts as our identity, and it represents us to society. Now the question is, what is the role of the logo in the cigarette industry? We always consume a product from a trustworthy brand. And how do we recognize those products? Unmistakably through their packaging and the logo printed on them. So if you want to bring ease to your customer’s life, make your logo visible.

Many sellers prefer to print their logo on the front side. The reason? The front side is always more visible. Moreover, people from afar would also notice your product readily. But if you were to imprint your logo in a place where it’s not visible, it would be illogical. A good design and branding impress the customer at first glimpse. But moreover, it also brings ease for the clients and the sellers.

What to Mention on our Cigarette Boxes?

More than one billion people around the world smoke cigarettes. And honestly, the number of smokers is only increasing. All of this leads to positive revenue in this industry. But the younger generation is not so good at following the rules. And so the company must imprint the proper info on the box. And to educate its user about the harm the product might bring. Many companies around the world are using their packaging boxes for several purposes. And the common reason is to guide the customer. Now the question is, how could we use our cigarette boxes wholesaleto convey a positive message?

  • Never be afraid to tell the customers the harm the product might bring.
  • Imprint the age at which a person could legally consume the product.
  • Imprint everything about the product, including its formula and ingredients.
  • Imprint a warning in a readable and large font. Also, use a suitable font color to make the text appear loud and clear.
  • And one more thing, do not forget about your brand logo and slogan. Make them visible with proper techniques.


There might be various ways to customize a box. But do you know which one is better? The one that you have in your mind. Always follow your unique ideas and try to make them a reality. The more unique your products appear the more recognition you receive. Now be creative and let your cigarette boxes in the UKdo all the work.

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