Small packages shipping in Germany

Are you planning to send something for your family, friends or business partners over in Germany? You’re probably looking at the option for your shipments in order to be delivered cheap, yet fast and efficient.

Today, I’m gonna talk about why you should choose to send parcel to Germany. Parcel delivery is a service that has been growing in popularity in recent years, and not without reason. This shipment type can guarantee a cost-efficient, safe and quick way to get a package to another country.

Below I give a few reasons why parcels are the cheapest way to ship something to Germany.

LTL and parcel deliveries – the difference

Parcel deliveries and LTL shipments are arguably two of the most popular delivery options around the world period. To better understand the difference between these two options, we have to discuss the main difference.

LTL is usually better suited for larger shipments to another country, with the key being bigger size and weight limits. Meanwhile, parcel delivery is better suited for smaller packages, you might even say it’s a more „intimate“ delivery option, since each small parcel is delivered here door-to-door and by hand.

So, the principle is different, as well the purpose of the whole delivery.

Below we discuss each factor more in-depth.

How packages are handled and transported

Like we said, parcel delivery is best used for small deliveries. That is because when they’re taken from the sender, they are then taken to a sorting bay where a machine groups them according to delivery addresses.

This is one reason why a parcel can only be in limited size and weight, since it not only has to be automatically, sorted, but also fit on a transportation vehicle with many other small packages. Afterwards, the parcels may change hands many times until they arrive to Germany and are then delivered to a person’s doorstep.

Meanwhile, LTL usually involves the handling and transportation of bigger goods. Forklifts are usually used as a means of loading them onto vehicles or trailers until they reach their specific destinations.

When to choose LTL

  • You’re shipping multiple items at the same time. They will naturally be larger in size and require more space to be able to be loaded on to a transportation vehicle. Instead of sending everything individually, you can deliver all in one shipment.
  • Items that are in an irregular shape. Even though the idea of an item is lightweight, it might not be really suitable for parcel delivery, because of its shape, since parcel delivery companies have pretty strict regulations in that regard. LTL is then better in this case.
  • Heavy and large items. This is another matter of restrictions, it might be the best option if you’re sending a computer, TV or other similar item to a recipient in Germany. LTL is even cheaper in this case.

When to parcel delivery to Germany

  • Small individual items. Like we said, parcel works best if you’re looking for a cheap and fast way to send some small item to Germany. You can also be guaranteed that your item will be taken with care, since door-to-door deliveries are made by couriers, by hand.
  • Need a fast delivery. LTL shipments take much longer to reach a specific destination since they only use a few specific routes that don’t change. With parcel delivery, it’s much faster in the long run, since everything is done on an individual level.
  • More convenient pickups. Like already said, a parcel delivery company delivers door-to-door either to a person’s home or workplace. This is much more beneficial, instead of waiting for when LTL trucks unload.

In conclusion

Today we’ve discussed the difference between LTL and parcel deliveries. It’s safe to say that both of these options can be beneficial, however, there’s no better option than parcel delivery to Germany if you’re sending a small item.

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