Smart Home Essentials to Gear Up For the Winter Season

The fall season is pretty much here and before you know it, it is going to be winter. Love it or hate it, the winter season has its own vibe – a festive one, a get-you-in-the-mood for the holidays one, or even just a little bit of a cold one.

In the United States, winter means Thanksgiving, snowfall, Christmas, New Years, and holidays. It also means waking up to a cold morning and dragging your feet to start the day. Whether you have a smart home or not, some smart devices could be very useful for your winter season routine.

Here are some smart home devices that you could consider investing in before the season arrives.

1. T9 Smart Thermostat

A thermostat is a crucial part of every household. What if we told you there was a thermostat that you could control from your smartphone, regardless of where you are? That’s right, the Honeywell Home t9 Smart thermostat should be on your list of devices you must upgrade your home with.

The T9 Smart Thermostat can be controlled via the Honeywell Home App that is downloadable onto our smartphones, tablets, laptops and PC. That means whether you’re at work, home, or even in the driveway, you can control your thermostat remotely. This smart thermostat also learns your home’s heating as well as cooling cycles; so for the upcoming winter season, you can bet you’ll find your home cozy all the time.

A bonus to having the T9 Smart Thermostat installed at your home is that this device saves on energy which eventually reduces your utility bills over time. It is because of its remote access feature that allows you to switch off your thermostat while you’re away, and its App Location Tracking feature that can turn on the thermostat when you’re nearby.

2. Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

Coffee is essential for almost every American citizen. It is what gets you out of bed in the morning, and it is also what makes you late for work. But you can easily eliminate that issue with the Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker, especially on a cold winter morning.

It is understood that getting out of bed for work in the winter mornings is a struggle – getting up, walking to the kitchen and waiting while the coffee brews, just so you can take a warm sip to ease into the cool temperatures. The Hamilton Beach coffee maker allows you to start the coffee maker from its mobile app, while you stay cozy in bed.

This way you can go down and not have to wait for the coffee to be done, or get ready for work while the coffee brews in the kitchen. Either way, you can let in some warmth of the coffee into your body, and not be late for work as well.

3. Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs

It is sometimes dark indoors during the winter season, because there isn’t much sun to begin with across certain states, and also because the sun sets at an earlier hour as well. Installing smart lights such as the Sengled Smart LED Bulbs can help. With sensors and remote, plus wireless access to these lights, light up your home when necessary – according to the brightness level and a warm or white glow, whichever one is suitable to you.

Wake up on a cold winter morning to a dimmer light in the hallway to ease yourself into the start of the day. Schedule the lights to switch on and off from the Sengled Home App, so you wouldn’t have to come home from work to a dark house. These smart lights can be quite useful in the upcoming winter season.

4. Google Nest x Yale Smart Lock

Getting a smart door lock, like the Nest and Yale Smart Lock would be a favor to yourselves and to everybody at home. Struggling to find the front door keys while freezing outside is something we all are too familiar with. With this smart lock, lock and unlock your door with a personalized passcode or straight from the Nest App on your smartphone. No keys needed!

The Nest and Yale smart lock is tamperproof and saves you the trouble of freezing outside while someone gets the door or till you find your keys. It also provides protection to your home in general, winter or not.

Final Thoughts

These smart devices are probably not what you would’ve expected to consider as winter essentials, but they do prove to be quite useful all year round – especially in the winter season. It’s time to gear up for the winter season and give your home the upgrade that has been long due. You’ll see the difference yourself.

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