Smartwatches – The need of the hour or just a style statement?

Smartwatches are one of the bestselling electronic products in the industry and are slowly marking their territory in every house of the world. These watches are loaded with apps, themes, trackers, callers and whatnot. It has made tracking daily life activities much easier and has regulated a lot of our activities using vibrating reminders for activities that might look stupid as a reminder but are really important from our health perspective. Few such reminders are “Have a glass of water” or “You have been sitting for a long while now, please go for a walk” and much more. 

Smart watch for men brands have been working a lot on increasing the productivity of the customer, using just a watch and they have really focused on its outlook to keep it as trendy, formally- casual and probably an accessory you could carry anytime and anywhere. The best watches are usually waterproof and offer a wide range of apps to manage all your schedules and routine activities. 

Few points to keep in mind before choosing a smartwatches 

An activity tracker: 

Well, yes one of the major reasons to buy a smartwatch is its feature to track our everyday activities. Most smartwatches offer a calories counter, steps counter and workout monitor to keep a track of your basic essentials. The recently launched watches have inbuilt sports modes, heart rate monitors, Pulse monitors, Oxygen level trackers, GPS, distance trackers, Female health trackers, bluetooth calling, Alexa, sleep trackers, music controls and what not. Not with just a watch you can track your distance covered while running, cycling, swimming or travelling and simultaneously keep a track of time, health, calories, entertainment and calls. 

Therefore, based on all our requirements we can choose a smartwatch based on it’s features, inbuilt app, trackers etc. 

Battery life of the smartwatch: 

Obviously, after investing a good amount of money in a smartwatch, the least one expects is to be free from all the battery hassles. Hence, checking the number of working hours per charge is really important. Generally, all smartwatches have a battery life of about 2 to 28 hours and the most technologically advanced ones go up to 15 days straight after one full charge. A lot of good brands offer maximum working hours on a single charge of just 15 – 45 minutes. Battery life of a smartwatch is probably one of the major factors to be considered before buying one. 

Display and size of the screen

All the recent smartwatches have come with a bigger display in order to provide the user better visibility and usage for all its features. Now you can see the time, heart rate, oxygen level and music controls in a single display. Most watches have LED screens, or OLED screen or AMOLED screens. These screens provide better safety for the watch and display features to the users along with a varied battery life depending on the type of screen used. A watch with a LED screen might provide less battery life whereas screens like OLED and AMOLED are much better in terms of battery and readability.


One of the comfort features of a smartwatch is that it offers you to check notifications, read messages, attend to calls and sometimes even type a new message or make a new call without even touching your mobile phones for even a second. Yes, You can do all of these using a few clicks on the amazing watch attached to your wrists. Hence, it makes communication much easier and accessible. 

NFC – Pay with a click on the watch 

NFC or the Near field communication system helps you to make any form of payments online anytime, anywhere. And this NFC feature was initially added to mobile phones but now that smartwatches are broadening their scope and usability, the best technologically advanced brands have added the NFC feature to their new collection of watches. It makes payments more convenient, fast and mobile free 

Pricing – Best smartwatch under a budget 

The last but not the least is obviously the price of the watch. Well, there are a lot of brands that charge a higher price in the name of brand but offer the same features as any other small or medium brand. Hence, always checkout the specifications of the products before you jump on to your cards, wallets or digital transactions. The watches in the medium price range offering the maximum features are usually the worthy ones. Smartwatches under Rs.2000 are a good investment to make if you are looking for the best watches under a budget and Modn offers you a variety of watches for everybody under a stipulated amount. 


So, definitely we can conclude by saying that smartwatches are not just about styling but it’s also lifestyle oriented. A good smartwatch enhances your quality of life and it adds a pinch of spice to all your outfits. So, choose one wisely keeping in mind all the above mentioned prerequisites and specifications. Evaluate a wide range of options available on the website or in store. Watch are generally unisex but there are a lot of smartwatches of men & women specifically. 

So, Be SMART before you buy a SMARTWATCH! 

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