Social Media Marketing and Branding Trends 2016-2017

Technology influences our behaviour, which influences our know-how, and marketers must adapt to it. Thinking in the industrial era was linear,the digital marketing agency in Pakistan and the organisation and knowledge structure were very linear. Today, quantum physics shows a more organic and unpredictable way of looking at things. With this in mind, we allow ourselves to adapt more carefully.

This relationship with the latest technological

developments influences whether publishers adapt or die. One of those trends is the increasing use of “fringe” digital marketing agencies in Lahore social hubs. Brands with a broader presence are certainly less sceptical when publishing content through social hubs that were considered “fringes” in the past. Over time, you’ll also discover many interesting ways of interactive content. One of them is to use 360 ​​view photos like a virtual 360 view. Another trend is the use of animated GIFs that dominate the news feed and timeline. These two will continue to grow over the next few years.

Again, based on a digital marketing agency in Pakistan, algorithms are now producing content. We are now listening to the introduction of artificial intelligence in content generation, which will be a game changer.

Balance SEO, SMM, UX and analytics.

We find that with the right combination of SEO, SMM, UX, and analytics,digital marketing agencies in Lahore value their importance equally and treat them as a single component rather than an individual component, and earn a wealth of rewards.

Paid social. In 2015, we noticed a significant increase in promoted posts. For example, Twitter was 75%, Facebook was 80%, and LinkedIn was 65%. Of course,the digital marketing agency in Lahore organic reach continues to decline as social networks actively promote advertising on platforms. It’s just getting bigger, so it’s time to catch up with the paid social approach

New publishing options for social media. Instant articles by Facebook help publishers increase the visibility of digital marketing agencies in Lahore of their content compared to the content of their native publishing platform.

Real-time aggregated content is in progress.

One example is the Twitter curator. News channels face fierce competition digital marketing agency in Lahore with brands that offer real-time updates for events-

Fringe social hub. Brands with a broader presence are certainly less sceptical when publishing content through digital marketing agencies in Lahore social hubs that were considered “fringes” in the past. These “fringe” hubs are becoming mainstream. The content strategy is centred around Snapchat and Instagram and will only increase in 2016.

Influencer marketing. Brands can generate higher sales by leveraging influencer reach. According to a McKinsey study, retention of such campaigns is 35% higher than paid ads, with a ROI of $ 9.6 / $ 1 this year from $ 6.85 in 2014. Influencer reach is cost effective. Influencer digital marketing agency in Lahore will be part of all content marketing strategies for 2016.

Visual content, such as infographics,

continues to enable marketers to deliver personalised content. The world’s digital marketing agency in Lahore internet speed has increased by 17% in a year. Delivering cool graphics-oriented content should be paramount to implementation in the coming years, as slow internet connections are no longer an issue.

Mobile marketing will be even higher. Over time, mobile access to new audiences will increase. It will remain constant over the years,digital marketing agency in Lahore but it will be higher and higher in the next year.

Virtual reality and augmented reality.

Facebook’s main strategy for the next few years is augmented reality. By creating virtual reality-based content, digital marketing agencies in Lahore can explore new frontiers in content assimilation. This will boost big brands. Facebook’s new 360 video options open up a whole new area of ​​content creation potential.

Knowledge graph. Introduction of Google Knowledge Graph function. Brands are beginning to focus on ranking long tail keywords. This will be one of the key drivers defining SEO in 2016.

Finally, this year, let’s create a time to build a real bond between your customers and your brand. In-house marketing at your organisation, company, or startup to reduce resistance. Marketers surveyed lamented that internal resistance was the main reason they weren’t building stronger ties with their customers. Providing attractive brands to your customers means that digital marketing agencies in Lahore need to be effectively involved and crossed across the organisation. This is neither easy nor welcome, but many seem to agree. Improving product delivery is the number one way marketers feel they can improve their intimacy with their customers.

Make your brand essential by striving for personalization,

relevance and expectations. Marketers said customer service is where they can most effectively build intimacy. They also showed that the majority of their customers associate their brand with the archetype of brand intimacy that achieves: Beyond expectations, providing superior service, digital marketing agency in Lahore quality, and effectiveness. .. Focus on keeping customers happy and engaging with the brand by continuously delighting them.

Excellent storytelling digital marketing agency in Pakistan and generation of emotional reactions between target

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