Sponsor license application changes during organization switch or merger

The UK business firms may merge with another business firm or switch their business activities or stop their trading altogether. This could lead to paperwork and changes in your business and sponsor licence processes. Apart from this, the employees under your sponsorship need to also change their employer or you need to transfer them while switching or merging with another firm.

Unable to comply under these situations may lead to sponsor licence revocation or suspension with heavy penalties.

Condition 1: You don’t require sponsor licence anymore

Under any ordinary circumstances, should you no longer require the sponsor licence you must with immediate effect initiate the following;

  1. You should report the change (counting subtleties of all workers who will move the new business) to the UK Home Office within 28 days of the change occurring.
  2. You should give up its sponsor licence. In the event that the employer gives up its licence at the same time, necessities to hire workers arise again later on, it should apply for another sponsor licence.

Moving to the new business- merger or switch

In case your new business requires to hire any overseas employees, you must with immediate effect initiate the following steps

  1. apply for a sponsor licence, on the off chance that it doesn’t as of now have one, within 28 days of the change; and
  1. ask the UK Home Office sponsor licence unit for admittance to the old sponsor licence on the sponsorship system, with the goal that it can report migrant worker’s action for the sponsorship employment  who have moved to the UK.

On the off chance that the new business firm as of now has a sponsor licence and the change implies that it might have to enlist more workers later on, the Home Office, upon your request may permit for an increment in its present allocation of Certificate of Sponsorship(CoS).

Condition 2: You continue to hire workers and need a sponsor licence

If your organisation still needs a sponsor licence and is willing to continue to hire overseas workers for your business, you still need to inform the UK Home Office within a 28-day timeframe about any changes whatsoever accompanied with the transfer of any migrant workers to any new organisation, etc.

You must tell the UK Home Office in the event that it needs to alter its present distribution of Certificate of sponsorship – if for instance, it will require less certificates of sponsorship than was concurred before the change.

You must keep on reporting as common on any migrant employee it is as yet utilizing, despite the fact that it will at this point don’t have any obligation regarding the sponsored workers who have moved to the new business firm.

Alert for Illegal working under the business changes

Every UK employer must ensure to prevent illegal migration of workers. The Home Office has grown increasingly strict with such illegal movement. Failing to abide by the UK Government norms, the organisations could attract a threat of sponsor licence revocation or fine as much as £20,000 per illegal worker.

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