5 Ways to Invest in Sports Betting Stocks and Funds

Investing in the house is one of the finest methods to earn money betting on sports!

The popularity of sports betting is on the rise.

According to the American Gaming Association, more than half of US states have authorized it.

Moreover, 14 more were actively working on legislation to legalize it as of mid-2021.

According to Gabelli Securities, the sector is predicted to expand sales from $2.1 billion in 2018 to $10.1 billion in 2028, a five-fold increase.

Here are five methods to become involved in the sports betting business.

1. Apps for Sports Betting:

If you are interested in sports betting, the first place to look is at the firms directly engaged in it, such as the applications that allow bettors to deposit their money. 

This is your best chance if you want to get a taste of this rapidly expanding sector.

There are so many websites that allow you to make bets online.

royal1688 is the website that gives you a platform to place bets online and win money.

2. Party gaming firms:

Another option is to invest in bigger gambling enterprises, known more casually as casinos, to capitalize on the development of sports betting. 

There are several casinos that have sportsbooks and online sportsbooks. 

However, you would also be investing in the gaming and hotel businesses. 

So, you would not have a lot of targeted exposure to sports betting.

3. Gaming ETFs:

Investing in a gaming ETF is a good way to get exposure to all types of gaming, including sports gambling, internet gaming, and conventional casinos. 

With an ETF, you do not have to worry about picking a winner.

Moreover, you may take advantage of the reopening trade as more people travel and visit casinos. 

An ETF might be a smart choice for someone who wishes to bet on the sector’s overall development.

4. Racetracks:

There is a nice publicly-traded choice for horse racing fans, and it is an industry icon:


Churchill Downs The name of the Kentucky Derby has a lot more to it than simply the yearly horse race it is linked with. 

Online sports betting platform TwinSpires is run by the company. 

More typical casino games are also available, and it is not a one-trick pony like some of its competitors.

5. Providers of Technological Goods and Services:

Additionally, you may want to consider investing in the firms that offer the technology for the gaming industry. 

“Pick and shovels” firms were like that in the gold rush. 


Consider the dangers while deciding whether to invest in a certain stock or even the gaming industry as a whole. 

A handful that is particularly applicable to sports betting investments right now is as follows.

Regulation and Taxation:

In today’s economy, gambling is strictly controlled. 

Online gambling and sports betting are becoming more popular in the United States, yet many states still have rigorous regulations and significant taxes in place for these enterprises. 

Legalizing gambling in many places is seen by many as a method to raise money, and many governments charge large taxes on a sector that many people see as having little social value.


It is just like any other investment, you want to be sure you are getting a good deal. 

As the sports-betting business is to develop significantly over the next decade, a large number of investors have entered the field. 

They may have already pushed up the price so much that future returns are less appealing or perhaps non-existent.

Before making a move into the market, you should consider a variety of additional aspects, as you would with any other investment.

The Bottom Line:

Investing in sports betting might be a smart move, particularly as new forms like app-based betting develop in popularity. 

Investors, on the other hand, have a plethora of options, including ETFs, for broad-based recovery bets.

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