Struggling with Lower Back Pain? Try This

When in pain, looking for fast and effective remedies is natural. But some methods have lower efficacy than others, especially when battling debilitating lower back pain. Therefore, which pain remedy is best for you? As lower back pain Las Vegas experts explain, there are plenty of potential solutions that provide respite from pain. Here are some home and medical center remedies to help you overcome lower back pain and improve your quality of life.

Maintain Correct Posture

Rightly quoted, “slouching is bad for you.” Subtle practices such as maintaining correct posture can help you deal with lower back pain better. Try to keep your spine as straight as possible. When sitting, roll a pillow between the backrest and your lower back. Keep your spine erect when performing repetitive motion tasks to reduce the spine’s abnormal curvature—an over-curved spine aggravates lower back pain.

Try Physical Therapy

As you age, your muscles shorten, and your joints become stiff. The overall decline affects your lower back as well. Physical therapists stretch your muscles and teach exercises to strengthen your lower core muscles.

Physical therapy sometimes combines massage therapy, anaerobic exercises, rest, ice, and compression therapy to reinstate mobility in your lower back and alleviate strain on the lower back pain. In rare cases, the physical therapist may recommend over-the-counter pain relieving pills to expedite your recovery. Physical therapy also helps you prevent future pain in the back, buttocks, and other body parts.

Consider Acupuncture

The tiny needles in your lower back may seem scary. But acupuncture provides an excellent respite from lower back pain and is cost-effective. The tiny needles stimulate the flow of pain-relieving chemicals and block the relay of pain signals, contributing to overall pain management. It is essential to visit a reputable acupuncturist for this kind of treatment.

Sleep Smarter

The fetal position is the best posture for sleeping when battling lower back pain. Get a good mattress, especially the foam memory mattress, and sleep with your knees angled towards your chin. The position helps maintain the spine’s natural curve and prevent lower back pain from hampering your daily activities.


Doctors used to prescribe rest for lower back pain. But as studies show, resting is counterintuitive when you want to alleviate lower back pain fast. Stretching exercises lengthen your shortened muscles and release tension in your lower back. Try to pull your knees to your chest as a preliminary exercise regimen. Always consult with a doctor before beginning your exercises. Some exercises, such as sit-ups, increase pressure on your lower spine and aggravate the pain.

For the best outcomes, blend stretching exercises with yoga. Yoga is a proven technique to treat multiple types of pain using slow controlled movements. The child’s pose is a beneficial exercise to alleviate lower back pain.

Get Spinal Injections

Pharmacological treatments provide fast relief of pain. Over-the-counter pain meds work fine but are not the remedy you are looking for when facing chronic lower back pain. Spinal injections contain corticosteroids that provide long-lasting pain relief.

The shots also reduce inflammation in the spine to eliminate pain. You may need multiple injections annually to fully ease lower back pain.

Lower back pain stops you from enjoying your favorite activities and undertaking your daily tasks. But you can try the above approaches to minimize lower back pain. Sometimes you may need more than one method to treat lower back pain, as the causes vary from person to person. It is imperative to consult a pain specialist to chart the most effective treatment plan.

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