SURPAT items that are essential

What is a country without its army and military force? Just like a jewellery box without a lock ready to be invaded. Army personnel are daily on duty irrespective of the weather, place, or situation. A country’s power is through its security strength which comes from protective forces. If the army of a country is strong enough, the country will be powerful and protected by all means. That is why the military force should be efficient and have all the required gear for defence. Therefore the army men should always have SURPAT for themselves. Surpat protects them from getting caught by intruders. Special forces, police, presidential guards, and FSB employ the four-color digital camouflage known as SURPAT. It is made to function well in the urban, desert, mountain, and wooded settings. Grey, green, black, and brown are present. It was created in collaboration with Russian Special Forces units by SURVIVAL CORPS, Ltd.

Nowadays, surpat has not just been restricted to jackets or apparel but in many other forms so that the military can carry necessary items in the woods and stay safe. These objects range from necessities to utility items. Let’s look over some essential surpat items. 

Hydration packs

Water is necessary for everyone, especially army personnel on duty, saving the country. Finding sufficient water in the woods, mountains, or remote areas where most army postings are held is difficult. It is equally difficult to carry water tanks which can be easily seen in forests by the attackers. That’s why hydration packs have come into existence. These are the water reservoir in which you can carry up to 2 litres of water and sometimes even more. These items easily camouflage in the greenery with the uniform, and the intruders can hardly see them behind the woods.

Medical kits

Injuries and accidents are prevalent on the battlefield. At that time, it is not accessible to run to hospitals or even to the army camps where medical aid is provided. A necessary medical kit is required by every military officer to carry with them. The only issue could be that it can be seen from far. For that, medical pouches have been created. These Surpat items are easy to carry and not get caught in attackers’ eyes.

Holsters and slings

The main element of every army man is their gear and guns, which they need when they step onto the battleground. Carrying heavy-weight weapons isn’t easy, while one needs to hide and run at the same time. That’s when camouflage holsters and slings come into help. This equipment helps to carry the delicate weapons as the slings tie the guns on the back of the soldiers, and the holsters are like a pouch where the guns can be covered safely and often are kept near the waist. 


Protecting the head is crucial as the attackers will always try to target it first. Moreover, the hair could be seen from far and quickly targeted and shot if not covered. Surpat caps and headwear camouflage the head area like jackets do with the body’s upper portion. 

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