The 5-Second Trick For Things to do in Tauranga

The Bay of Plenty boasts some of thebestsun, sea and sandthatNew Zealand has to offer.Tauranga islocatedon the covetedcoastline.This is where you’llfindthe Mauao volcanoas well asMount Maunganui beach.The localsrefer tothe beachtreasureas “the Mount”, because ithas water sportsforthose who are adventurous, festivals for free-spirited people and deliciousfoodoptions for those who love food.

Here are the bestthingsto doaroundTauranga. Things to do in Tauranga  areas.

Climb Mount Maunganui (Mauao) At Sunrise

Mount Maunganui, an extinctvolcano is visibleacross Tauranga harbour.Its Maori name, Mauao, means “caught by dawn”–so it’s onlyappropriatetoexploreallitcanofferduringdaybreak.There areseveral walking tracksthat are available, and it usuallytakesan hour to windyour way upthrough the pohutukawatree.Although it’s a steep climb but once you’ve reachedthesummit you’ll be greetedwith360-degreepanoramasof the Bay of Plenty coastline and Taurangatowncentre.The mountain issurroundedby two of New Zealand’s mostpicturesquebeaches:Mount Maunganui Beach and Pilot Bay, making fora truly jaw-dropping vistafromall angles.Startyour dayoff with a serenesunrise, sopacka breakfastpicnic.

Adventure Water Parks:BeSplendid

{}McLaren Fallsan adrenaline rush takesyourfancy,take a look atTauranga’sveryownWaimarino Adventure Park.There are a rangeofactivitiesonthe Wairoa Riverjust a 10-minutedrivefrom thecitycentre.There’s somethingforevery taste, includingrock climbing wallsand a slip’n’slide.It’s impossible toskipthe Tarzanswing or water trampoline, and the giantinflatable ‘blobthatlaunches you into the lake.Waimarino offersthe eveningglowwormkayaktoursonLake McLaren for those whowanttorelax and enjoya quiet water activity.

Go Chasing Waterfalls

Every Kiwi summermustinclude awaterfall hike.To start, headtoMcLaren Falls Park.Thisquick 20 minuteswalk will takeyou throughglowworm caves andnativeforests.There are also a variety oftrails that runthrough the reserveofaround 190 acres.So getoutthereandspend some time exploring.The next stop on your lististheKaiate Falls which are a30 minutedriveaway fromTauranga.Followthe forestpathuntil youreachthesummitof the falls.Followthepath down alongthe cascadestothepool.Take a refreshing dip in the afternooninthis idylliclake.

Take a catamaran andsail to this uninhibited island

Whakatanecantake youalongthe coast,whereyou canbegin your unforgettabledayonacatamaran.Set sailtowardsMoutohora Island to explore the wildlifesanctuaryoff ofthe Bay of Plenty.If you’re lucky enough,you’llspotsome of the rarenativeanimals that live on the shore, such asKakariki, Tuatara, fur sealsandpenguins.You can alsogo snorkelingthroughoutthe island toobservethestunningmarine life.You canend your day bytaking a dip in thehot water beach,orjust loungingon theshoreoftheboat.This isparadise!

The Dream Summer Festival

Are youtrulyaKiwi, if you’ve neverbeen to a summerin the Bay Dreams venue?Bay Dreams.They know how toput on a greatshow. CardiB was the headliner attheJanuary 2019 Bay Dreamsgig, performedBodak Yellow hits and wowthecrowd.Sub Focus, Peking Duk, LAB and Katchafire were among theperformers scheduled to performduringthe New Year’scelebrationin 2021.Bay Dreams is the perfect summergetawayfor those whoenjoyhot summer dayswitha fantastic line-upof glitter,jeans,and camping.

These Stores Have Local Stores

Shopping in Tauranga Tauranga shopping isaboutdiscoveringhidden treasures inindependentshops.Ifyou’ve got ansense ofdesign and a love ofbrand names made in New Zealand, then you mustgo to thethe PaperPlane conceptstore.Here, you willdiscover a carefully selected selection offurniture, fashion and lifestyle items.Our Place hasan ever-changing selectionof pop-ups, rangingfromfashion, art,andjewelry.Our Place’s centre is madeout ofshipping containers. Itspurposeis tooffer low costretail spacefor local artistsand entrepreneurs.

Picnic In Style On Mount Maunganui Beach

Want to indulge in luxuryproducts?Bohemian-style picnicsthat have views ofthe ocean or Mauao mountainsis the idealalternative.Bay Picnics is theperfect spotto host a birthday party, a celebrationcelebration, or justtorelax.The venue is equippedwith teepees,big fluffy pillows,festoon lights, comfythrows, and aBluetoothspeakers.There’s also a varietyofoptions for food, including vegetarian, veganand raw platters.A picnic can alsoberomantic byincludingflowers.

Join the Markets

Markets on weekends are whatTauranga isfamousfor.On thefirst and thirdSaturdaysofevery monthlook out forthe Little Big Marketsthat featureeclectic artisans and mouth-watering eats.You will findall kinds of food itemsfrom French crepestorainbow shaved Icetolocaldelights.Foodiesshould notmissthe Dinner on the Domain. Thisweekly eventincludes the topfood trucksinthe city.Bubble waffles are the talk of the town.We’re in awe ofthedelicious treats availableat Hello Rosie.If you’re a fanof vegan-friendlyjunk food, we’reswooning.If you prefer totake a bite offreshpiece offruit,make sure to checkout the Saturdaymarket foramazing seasonal fruits that willenhance any cheese platter.

Moturiki Island – Walk

It is possible to walk aroundtheisland.Thesmall350 metrelong islandis locatedcloseto Mount Maunganui beach. Awalkwaybridge connectsthe two.A blowhole issituatedon the island, and itshoots water upduringhigh tide.Follow the walking trackupwards and you’ll be greetedwithsweepingpanoramasof the oceanandMauao and thecity’scoastline.

Salt Water Hot Pools: Relax in the Salt Water

Avisitto Mount Hot Pools,whererelaxation and unwindingis your toppriority, isan absoluteessential.The salt-water pools that aresetagainst Mount Maunganui are well-known for theirtherapeutic benefits.A soak in themwillleave you feelinglike adifferentperson.You canbookan exclusivemassageand pool foranadditionaldegreeofluxury.

Go tothis Quaint Historic Village

Step back in timeby strollingalongthecobbled streetsof The Historic Village.You can easily spend yourday here, withitsmany hidden corners with charming cafesanda variety of artisanal.ThetinystudiosofTurner Gallery and Imprint Gallery areopen tothose wholoveart.

Enjoy the delicious local cuisine

Let’s be real, we’reobsessed withfood we eat.Tauranga’stastycocktails and bites will leaveyouwantingmore.

Ground Zero Coffee is amust-seeforcoffee lovers.They’re the Bay ofPlenty’sfirst Specialty Coffee Microroastery. Their coffeesareiced and flatwhites.Ifyou’re looking forsomething sweet,thenvisitYo and Co.Yo and Co isan ice cream shop that specialisesincrepes, waffles and other savoury treats.

The NourishedEatingisa greatoption for those who are health conscious and havesweettooths.Theplant-based cafeis a firm believer infresh, localproducts.For breakfast, you mightdevour a deliciousWellness Bowl stuffed with herby hash browns,spicytofu,tomatoes, sprouts, quinoaand coconutTzatziki.Make sure to leaveroom for specialitysweet treatsmade byThe Nourishing Bakerlike fresh fudgydouble chocolate brownies or Nutellaas well ascustard doughnuts.

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